Create callback for door sensor status in Bridge API

Product name

Bridge API


Notify 3rd party devices of changes in the door sensor status through the Bridge API.


  • new callback option which is triggered when door sensor changes


Better integration with home domotica system and also use the door sensor for home automation.


Perform some sort of action when the door sensor detects a change and notifies other home automation systems of these changes.

I see the bridge API has been updated today but unfortunely it only contains features for upcoming hardware. I would have liked to see support for current hardware as well like callbacks for the sensor status and the user or keypad code which opened the smartlock. Is there any timeline on these features?


I’d like to upvote this. It’s a shame that this is not already included in the Bridge API or in Callbacks. This is a key-feature to include the door into smarthome, and it has some interresting possibilities:

  1. trigger alarm if door is opened (including opening without unlocking the door!)
  2. warn if door stands open for longer time (i.e. if you forgot to close the door properly)
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Totally agree with @Andreas_Lackner :slight_smile:

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This is the feature request with the second most votes yet other stuff seems to get planned and there is not even a reaction from Nuki on this request. I’m aware of the “we don’t communicate timeline and roadmaps” policy but still.

What’s the point of having this voting system in place if you are not gonna act on this in some way.

As a quick update: Everything related to Bridge API improvements was delayed due to issues/rework of the bridge firmware. Currently it looks like we will soon have a state from which we are confident enough that we can work on new features and will for sure evaluate this one here too.


Sounds great. Maybe a christmas present :slight_smile:

Definitly not. :slight_smile:

We wait confidently.
Meanwhile I used the webapi to read the doorstate field. I’m sure the call worked fine in the beginning, now it always responds with a value of 2 while the app displays the open door or 3. I’m wrong about something or there’s a potential bug.
This is the call from linux shell

curl -X GET --header call ‘Accept: application / json’ --header ‘Authorization: Bearer xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’ ‘

and this a piece of json response

    "state": {
        "mode": 2,
        "state": 3,
        "trigger": 1,
        "lastAction": 3,
        "batteryCritical": false,
        "doorState": 2,
        "ringToOpenTimer": 0,
        "nightMode": false



Are you sure the server is synched at that moment?

If you experience this again please check serverState and sync to recheck the values.

Hi Stephan,
after few sync, but not “immediately”, the value has become correct.

Thank for your fast reply.

Any news on this?

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Could you please add the doorsensor state to the bridge api?

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Any news on this? Would like to implement in my local Smart home? Should not be that difficult, in Web Api the door sensor is implemented.


This is an important missing function of the Bridge API. Please prioritize it.

I am very happy that we can finally announce Bridge Beta firmware versions with this requested feature:

Please test it out and give us your feedback!