Push notifications for lock actions?

I have a question. The sensor of the door. If it detects that the door is opened, without having exercised any command in nuki, does any notification jump on the mobile?

No, we do not have notifications for that atm. The door sensor is not considered a securtiy feature for alarms, but yes, we are discussing the possibilities of genereal notifications, so feel free to add a feature request and start collecting votes for it.

I’m going to reformulate the question. If someone opens the door with a normal key, does it notify you on the phone? I understand that if someone opens the door using nuki, a warning pops up in the cell phone, but if someone opens with a normal key, does a warning come on the phone?
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As stated above we do not have any push notification warnings for entries directly from the App atm. You could do this with IFTTT and you have the activity log to manually check (if activated).

But the Smart Lock can register manual locks/unlocks from the outside if (and only if) the key inside is turning with the outside key (as recommended in our installation check; see https://nuki.io/en/installation-check/). These are shown as “Manually” unlocks in the activity log.

that’s what I meant. Know if I can activate a notification when a specific person opens the door with fob, or when it is opened with a key from the outside, having entered (of course) the corresponding key inside nuki.
I hope not to bother you much, but I do not find where to ask or where to consult that.
Thank you so much for everything.

No, not from the Nuki App at the moment.

Your IFTTT-option could be:

But keep in mind that IFTTT can have some noteable delay.

EDIT: I also spilt this into a separate topic, as it seems to have nothing to do with the door sensor in the bridge API.

I agree with the discussion so far. There should be the option to receive a notification when the door is opened - whatever way it is done.

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What is the use of an intelligent lock, if afterwards it does not notify the home / office owner when they use the lock, either from the application, command or physical key from the outside?