Hashed token for Bridge API

With the latest beta for the bridge firmware (FW versions from 2.2.0 and 1.12.0 respectively) we introduced the possibilty to use a hashed token for Bridge API authentication.

The token usage is 100% backward compatible, so nothing has to be adjusted for existing applications.
But if you do not want ot send the plain token in your API calls, you can now use the alternative as described in the updated documentation:


We are looking forward to your feedback!

Hi Stephan

I think I am not really a SW developer…
To generate the hashed token, do I need a SHA256 function (ideally on the target that sends the hash) and input the arguments “ts,mr,token”?
Can the rnr really be random?

Thanks, Uwe

Yes, exactly.

It has to be uint(16) which means an integer from 0 to 65535 is possible.