Who/What locked/unlocked the smart lock

For advanced automation routines, it would be pretty useful to know who (what user) locked or unlocked the smart lock or what actuator (button on the lock, manual, keypad, fob, etc.) triggered the action.

For example, a special user (access code) could be defined on the keypad, and when that user locks or unlocks the smart lock a special action could be triggered by the smart home system. Knowing the access code is not important and knowing the name of the user would be enough.

Likewise, knowing that the lock was locked using the keypad, for example, could allow the smart home system to start a routine designed for when no one is home.

I’m sure it would be very useful for Nuki owners to have this information provided by the Bridge HTTP API so they can create more advanced integrations with their smart home systems.


Nuki is working on this (Specification at least) within the MQTT Beta API :wink:


“The full 1.3 scope including the new lockActionEvent is available with todays 3.5.2 beta

Hi, @SchmuFoo. Thanks for the update.

The MQTT API documentation that you shared either is private or doesn’t exist.

You’re welcome!

Thats correct, you would need to send an request: