Option to allow/disallow users to unlock the smart lock

Product name

Smart Lock/(smart door?) + Keypad


Allow/disallow users to unlock the smart lock


Just like there is an option to allow users to lock (Locking enabled), having an “Unlocking enabled” option on the keypad and pairing it with this request for the Bridge HTTP API (Who/What locked/unlocked the smart lock) would allow users of smart home systems to create more advanced automation rules.
This way owners could create “users” where locking is enabled but unlocking is not.


Having special “users” who can only lock the smart lock could allow owners to define easy-to-remember codes on the keypad that would allow them to create special routines and trigger them with the special users without having to worry about creating an insecure code that could be easily guessed to unlock the lock.
In this case, the keypad could be used as a sort of remote control for the smart home system.


When the smart lock is locked with the keypad using a code that can only lock the smart lock, e.g., 999999, and that action is properly reported via the Bridge HTTP API to the smart home system, an automation routine where the vacuum cleaner vacuums the home could be started.
When a special code, e.g., 987654, is used and the action is properly reported via the Bridge HTTP API, the smart home automation system could set the vacation mode on.