Wear OS: Nuki Android App 2023.3.1 Beta

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The Nuki Wear OS app is available in the public beta.

We’re happy to announce the Nuki Beta Program for Wear OS! Over the last months we worked on a new Nuki Wear OS app with focus on usability and faster lock actions.

As the Wear OS app received a lot of feedback here in the forum, we invite you to a (closed) public beta. The beta will be available starting on Wednesday, 1st of February.

You can signup for the beta by writing an email to android-wearos@nuki.io with your Gmail account and your preferred language for communication (German or English). Detailed information will be provided by email.

We encourage every Nuki Wear OS app user to join the beta.

We’re looking forward to it and are happy to receive your feedback. Thank your very much in advance.

Updates to the beta are posted in this thread.



2023.3.1-beta (723 / 72301) 01.02.2023

Improvements for everyone who uses a Wear OS smartwatch as a smart key.

What improvements does the app update bring to our Wear OS users?

  • Improved direct Bluetooth communication: your watch can directly control any of your Nuki devices within Bluetooth range.
  • Do you have a Wear OS smartwatch with LTE? From now on your smartphone can stay at home. All your Nuki devices can now be controlled remotely with your watch via LTE.
  • Fast and stable connection between watch and smartphone: Do you have a Wear OS smartwatch without LTE? Then you’ll benefit from an even faster and stable connection between your smartphone and watch. This way you can quickly open your door from your wrist, even from afar.
  • The new design supports the comfortable, simple and intuitive control of your Nuki devices.

This information might be helpful for you:

How your Wear OS smartwatch communicates with your Nuki device:

  1. You are using a Wear OS smartwatch with LTE . Your Nuki device is online*.
    → Your smartwatch controls your Nuki device directly via LTE.
  2. You are using a Wear OS smartwatch without LTE . Your smartphone is in Bluetooth range to your watch. → Your smartwatch controls your Nuki device via the smartphone app.
  3. You are using a smartwatch without LTE . Your smartphone is not in Bluetooth range to your watch. You are in Bluetooth range to your Nuki device.
    → Your smartwatch controls your Nuki device directly via Bluetooth.

*The Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro has a built-in Wi-Fi module. All other Nuki devices need to be connected to the Nuki Bridge to bring them online.

2023.3.1-beta (724 / 72401) 14.02.2023


  • Support for Wear OS Tiles.


  • Minor bugfixes for device status.

2023.3.1-beta (725 / 72501) 24.02.2023


  • This version is now available in the public beta.


  • Minor bugfixes.

All invites have been send out as of today, the fist version is available in the closed beta track. Changelog will be updated in the first comment in this thread.

If you experience any problems, please reach out to me.

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Dear Stefan,

Your mail is not working. I received this message 2 times…

Address not found

Your message wasn’t delivered to android-wearos@nuki.io because the address couldn’t be found, or is unable to receive mail.

Please check

installed and tested, the 15 second delay is gone when the watch is connected to the phone. in standalone status it takes a while before the watch makes contact with the lock. In any case, this update is a big step forward.

Galaxy watch 5 pro (Bluetooth version))


Email is working again, sorry for the inconvenience.

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Beta App installed on my mobile and on my Galaxy Watch 4 (bluetooth).

First tries look very promising.
The big delay (15 sec) seems to be gone for me as well.

That was the biggest issue on the old version which stopped me from using the watch app at all.
I will now start using it again, hoping the delays are gone forever :slight_smile:

Thanks for the work on the new version.

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If I understand correctly, now the smartphone authorization is synchronized with the watch and after that the watch can be used without smartphone without having to synchronize the watch with the smartlock to have its own authorization as it was before?

First of all, I was not able to use the stable version using TalkBack screen reader on my Pixel Watch LTE. I had my smartlock listed but no possible interaction.
Since I installed the beta, it is a real new experience, now I can read the state and find all buttons to interact with my smartlock.
Now I feel confortable to try to leave my house without my smartphone.
So first impression is perfect, thanks for this version!


Yes, completely correct. Thank your for your feedback!

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A Tile for WearOs would bei Nice.

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Hi, thank you for your feedback. We’re having a look at Tile support but I cannot make a statement if or if not they make into a future release.

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using the watch beta app for some days now and it is working fine. no problems and fast connection and reaction on commands.

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We have an update for you: 2023.3.1-beta (724 / 72401), supporting Wear OS Tiles.


installed and tried, works fine

Hello everybody,

thank you very much for your participation in the closed beta. We appreciate all the feedback and your time for answering our survey. We try to include your feedback in the upcoming releases :slight_smile:

We’re going to send out the last batch on Monday.

The Wear OS app will be released next week in the public beta for all users. Update to follow in this thread.


The Wear OS app is now available in the public beta as well. There are some minor changes compared to the version in the closed beta (update will follow).

The closed beta will be deleted with the public release of the app.

Just tested the public beta on my Samsung watch 5 pro LTE. Dang!! Finally! Perfect working nuki app, very fast connection and opening of my first gen nuki. Tested also on smartwatch LTE connection, very fast and no delays. Finally tested with LTE off and no smartphone, so watch connected with Bluetooth to nuki, also working fast and reliable. Finally wear os gets some attention! Tile also working good. Thank you, been waiting long time for this


Version 2023.3.1-beta (725 / 72501) is now also available on the closed beta track, sorry for the delay.

Version 2023.3.1 (725 / 72501) is publicity available by today, please find the release notes here.


Where can I configure the icon instead of the Lock name (In my Case HA = Haustür)