Urmet 1750/1

I am trying to get an Urmet 1750/1 running. It is a 2 Voice Video System. There are two wires called “Line” and two wires “CP”. CP are probably not relevant as these seem to be “Chiamata al piano” (Call to the floor/Etagenanruf) according to a few Urmet wiring instructions.

I am trying to connect Nuki Opener to this Urmet but constantly fail. Please see the picture attached.
The 1750/1 could be similiar to the 1183-5 if this helps. The latter seems to be the voice-only version.

Thank you for your help or any ideas on how to tackle this.

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Hello Max,
the Urmet 2Voice systems are not compatible at the moment and still under investigation. We will post our results here in the forum.
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Hello Georg,
I also have a Urmet, but it is a 1183/5. It only has two wires to"Line In" terminals. Although the picture from max is a different version, his yellow wire is positive and the white wire is negative. I have tried several methods to connect the opener as an “unknown” and generic. Before I go any further with it, is there any basic way to get it to work in even the most basic way yet? If not, can you provide a timeline in which there will be a solution? It makes little sense to be able to open the apartment door with the Nuki 2.0 lock, but not the building door. Also, I read in the document that one solution was to wire directly to the button. On the 1183/5, the button is a piece of plastic that when pressed, pushes down on a switch on the circuit board. Looking at the circuit board, there are four contacts on the back side. I have considered soldering leads of of the contacts to be able to check polarity while pushing the button. This is a last resort, since it may still not work anyway. Before I spend anymore time on this for now, I was wondering if you could give me your opinion.
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Hi Doug,
we are currently not compatible with Urmet 2Voice systems. Connecting directly to the button will definitely work. Please note that you do these things at your own risk.
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Hi Doug,
just a quick info how I solved this issue for me for the time being:
On Urmet 1183/5 is an easy way to activate “automatic door opening”. This means that the door is opened about 2 seconds after someone rings.
Of course this will let in everyone that rings your door bell, but at least it works for me as well.

Would be very interested in understanding, how you connected the button only, if you got this working.


Hi Max,
Interesting that you mention that. Earlier today I searched on the web for the 1183/5 manual. I found exactly what you said in your message. You can “program” the intercom so that when someone (anyone) pushes your button downstairs, it opens the latch at the house door. Also, this method somewhat undercuts the security of the entire building.This seems be an acceptable short term solution, but obviously the Nuki solution is what we have paid for :slight_smile:
The Urmet 1183/5 is not exactly a quality product.
Thanks for your input Max!!
Best regards,

Switchbot is my workaround. when i ring my doorbell i can push the button through my app…

Helo Max,I also have an Urmet 1750/1. Have you found a solution to make the opener work. Rob

@Georg_S @Stephan
Any news on the urmet 1750/1?


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Sorry, but we are not compatible with Urmet 2Voice systems and this will not change in the near future.

:sob: noooo… please i need compatibility for model 1750/1 :sob: :sob: :sob:

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Hi @Georg_S,

Could you provide any more details on this? Why will the support not be added, and is there anything customers can do to get any useful usage of their purchased Nuki Openers (knowing of course that we took a risk by ordering when the support is not listed).

Hope to hear from you,

Also looking for Urmet 1750 integration. Such a shame if this cannot be added to make this work. Would be an immediate customer if this was possible.

Still hoping for any support here. Just being able to receive a notification on ring would be enough to justify this purchase as I could mute the horrible sounds the system makes. Is there no hope at all for this, meaning I should return or resell my Nuki Opener? @Georg_S? Anyone at the Nuki team?

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Some news about the integration with the Urmet 1750 ? How could It possible that Nuki loses customers because of the lack of integration ??? I live in Italy and here the Urmet 1750 is pretty common…

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Still no news? :frowning:

Any News? I bought Nuki Opener considering that into the App there are istructions for Urmet 1750/1 but are incorrect and don’t work. Any trick?

@Georg_S , my Opener still lies unused and many of my friends using the same 2Voice type Urmet are holding off on upgrading until you can confirm support for our models. Are you now actively working towards support, or should I just return my items and give up hope?

Apparently I’m not the only one with issues regarding the 1750/1. My building just got delivered. 450+ apartments with this device. Another 2 residential towers under construction with the same intercom. Why can’t this be solved? I accidentally bought the opener thinking I had the 1705 type instead of the 1750. Not having the opener makes the whole set useless.

Can someone at a Nuki fix this please?!

Piling on to this, stuck with an unusable setup because of this.

In this context, I find it quite shocking that Nuki would not list these devices as incompatible.
Instead, the compatibility check simply does not list these devices, while every single other Urmet model listed shows up as compatible, without any exception.
This is totally incongruent with the statement here that support is not planned in the near future.