Urmet 1750/1

Any update on Urmet 2Voice support?

Can we know what’s blocking this? Any technical reasons? It seems to have some interest.


I think it’s because urmet not released the signal coding for this intercom yet, and so for nuki can nothing do to make this work!?

hi, I attach myself to the topic. I would need the 1750/1 metal bracket. unfortunately it cannot be sold separately. can someone help me?

Hello, any news about compability with Nuki and Urmet 1750 ?

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Hi? Still nothing on this? Urmet has their own module for remote opening, but app is super bad and very unreliable. I have that installed but would rather have a Nuki opener.

News ?

I also have a 1750/1 intercom.
Any news about its support? Reading on forum seems that his support has been required from many years. Is it possible that none of developer team have solved it?

Hello dear Nuki, any news on this?

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Can you make a video or a review about it?


Burn main intercom system and hope they replace it with a intercom system of another brand

Hi, there are news?
Someone could tell me what similar intercom i can buy?


Nuki any news for this integration? Looks like a lot of users is asking it and many more potential users to come ?

Hi, I am also waiting for news about NUKI giving considerations to their customers who have URMET 2Voice system in place.

I would also like at least some news about the compatibility of those systems.

How is it that Ring Opener is compatible with Urmet 1750/1, including the ability to talk to the person ringing the bell, but Nuki Opener isn’t?


Can confirm the Ring Intercom is working perfect with the Urmet 1750/6.
In addition to Nuki you also have the ability to talk to someone who rings your bell and get a notification when being called. During the testing procedure after installation in the app, my door didn’t open, but after informing the app that the door did open, you can proceed and after that the audio, and door opening after someone rings works perfectly.
And was only 48 euro… (Amazon Germany)

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Hi, how Ring intercom works with Nuki combination ? I have urnet 1750/6 and it just not right, to have nuki and still need my keys for building entrance.

From Nuki support, there is no information about support 2 voice Urmet.

Hi everyone,

Is there any update about Urmet 1750/16 with Nuki Opener ? Also Ring is fine but it require that someone open to the person ringing at the door from his phone …
@Doug1971 have you find a way to connect directly to the button only ? Does that mean that if someone ring the door get open ?

Thank you