Nuki Opener - Digital Urmet Installation

Good afternoon everybody!

Could anyone help me with an Opener issue with an intercom by Urmet? It is a 1133/1 model, which should be analogue, but it’s actually digital as I only have 2 wires in the housing.

The Support team has kindly provided me a guide for Unknown Systems (Bus intercoms).
I am attaching the picture of my intercom as reference.

Should I connect to black cable to the BUS- and red and orange calbes to BUS+?
Has anyone already overcome a similar issue?

Thanks for your precious support!

I assume your white and blue cables are not connected to anything (it’s not visible on the picture).
Some Urmet systems have been retrofitted with newer internals. Your’s seems to be one of those.

Urmet bus has not been confirmed to work with the Opener, but you can try if it works:
Connect RED from the Opener to RED on the intercom and BLACK to BLACK. When you configure the Opener select “Generic” as brand and “Bus (Generic)” as model.

Thanks Jurgen.

At the end of the game, the opener works! It worked with the Enhanced scheme of the guide.

I have an intercom which requires the pre-activation, so I thought that before starting the “learning mode” of the configuration, someone else had to ring the bell downstairs. I asked my father to do so and we stayed in contact with the mobile. (Maybe the pre-activation should be mentioned since the very start of the configuration).

I would like to activate the “Ring to Open” option, but it seems it does not work. Shall I activate the Continuous Mode? To be honest - my fault - it is not very clear to me the difference between both the options.
Please help. :slight_smile:

In Italy NUKI it is not distributed frequently and should. I bought the entire set on your mobile as, for istance, the Opener is not available in the distribution centers.

Btw thumbs up for you at Nuki, guys. Great, AMAZING, home solution!

Good that it worked.

Ring To Open in the App can be activated by swiping up the bottom sheet:

Can you share a photo or a scheme of your setup? I have an Urmet intercom too and probably your scheme can be a starting point :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am trying to set up Urmet 1131, seems digital to me, only 2 wires (+ and -) connected.

We did use “generic” “bus” instructions for enhance setup:

Photo of the Urmet 1131 inside looks like in attachment (photo from the Internet, but it looks identical).

We did get some progress, but we cannot get Nuki to actually open the doors. Even after we tried this pre-activation.

Can someone share exact steps?

Update: I have completely given up on NUKI with this intercom. My NUKI device lies somewhere in the dark closet …

Hi there, I have the same configuration an urmet 1133/1 that is actually with a digital bus and not analog.

Here is the wiring I use :

Configuration was a bit tricky because it is a pre-activation mode; meaning you need to ring the interphone first before you could open.

So when you configure it use “Generic” as brand and “Bus (Generic)” as model.
So when you start the learning process make sure someone press the interphone button before you push the opening button.
Then go down to your interphone and follow the process.
The tricky thing was that you need to had a waiting period of 3 seconds in my case, otherwise it doesn’t work because the answer to the ring starts before the end of the request.
So in my case, in the second stage where you try to open it in preactivation mode, I told the system it has open even if it was not the case. Then I edit the configuration and a a 3s waiting period and then it was working.
It’s pretty cool especially with smart action, you don’t need to pull your key out anymore.
However, it seems that it is not possible to mute the interphone by the configuration with this model.
Enjoy :slight_smile:

Hello everyone, I have this intercom Urmet 1750/6 and really need to make it work as the apartment is planned for Airbnb, are there any news, or maybe there is a possibility to change the internal unit to make it work?

Have a look to Urmet 1750/1 - #19 by Dennis_Vermeulen : So far it seems that these models, including yours are not supported on nuki opener.
Sorry for you,
Best regards
PS one of the post suggests switchbot as an alternative, it might helps except you couldn’t share it with Airbnb directly, at least it’s a possibility.
PPS contact the nuki support directly they were quite helpfull in my case.

I am still struggling and I haven’t found the way to be able to do it. Can you please provide more details on how you connect it ?

Good evening. Please help me connect Nuki Opener

hello I’m French,

I received my Nuki Opener 3 days ago and I’m struggling! I have exactly the same intercom.

I tried several configurations and if I remove one of the 2 cables, in the street, it shows that the intercom is missing.

If I understood correctly, in this specific case, we should just put black on black and red on red? All the other cables of the Nuki Opener are not useful? And we use the generic Bus as a model.

Can you confirm for me if this is correct?

J’ai mis le rouge sur le rouge et le noir sur le noir uniquement et quand je fais la configuration, quelqu’un appuie en bas, je dis que ça a sonné. Ensuite je décroche et j’appuie sur ouverture et la ça me dit que ça a échoué.

Dois je connecter le noir et le violet sur le noir de mon interphone et toutes les autres couleurs sur le rouge de l’interphone ?

J’ai vraiment besoin d’aide !

Hello everyone,
I have an Urmet 1183/4 intercom.
Basically, there is a white cable and a dark blue cable connected to a Line input.
There is a grey cable which is not connected to anything.
Can anyone help me connect the Nuki Opener?

Thanks for your help


hi Ivan,

Could you send a picture of the green port ? What is written over it ?

Bonjour @Juergen

Nous avons suivi la procédure de branchement sur l’application après avoir sélectionné “générique” puis “générique bus” comme modèle, comme vous l’avez indiqué dans un message précédent.

Nous avons rencontré un problème : notre interphone possède deux gâches, mais une seule est dédiée à la sonnette, avec les fils 9 blanc et 10 bleu. Cependant, lorsque nous avons déplacé le fil 9 de la gâche vers le wago, comme indiqué dans l’application, nous avons perdu la fonction du combiné.

Nous avons ensuite essayé les mêmes branchements que d’autres utilisateurs ayant le même interphone via différentes plateformes. Malgré nos tentatives pour modifier les branchements, l’ouverture ne fonctionne toujours pas, même si tous les voyants de l’application sont au vert.

Devons-nous ouvrir la porte pour indiquer à Nuki la position fermée et ouverte de celle-ci ? Si oui, pourriez-vous nous guider sur la procédure à suivre ?

En outre, est-il nécessaire d’avoir une bonne connexion à Internet devant l’interphone ? Nous avons deux barres de réseau, ce qui nous permet d’utiliser Internet.

Pouvez-vous nous fournir un schéma d’aide, s’il vous plaît ?
Merci par avance

Hello @enduser95

We have the same intercom urmut 1133 D001. I could read that it worked for you. In recent days, we have made the same connections as other users with the same intercom via platforms or the same as on the application it still does not work. You can help me

Can you send me a photo of your connections yes a help diagram, please?

Thank you in advance

Hi Vitali,

Have you found a solution ? I have exactly the same reference intercom.

Or are you using another system ?

Thank you