URMET 1133 2BUS not working

Dear all,

I Tried to install NUKI Opener to my intercom URMET 1133 but failed each time, even with a professional.

According to the manual and the professional, the intercom is supposed to be with 5 BUS but I have only 2 BUS.

Do you have any idea how I can make it works ? I tried the manual for unknown intercom but didn’t succeeded too.

Thanks a lot for the support!

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Hello ?!


I have absolutely the same interphone. Is anybody found a solution for that model yet?

Solved by 50%! I can open the front door via application but Nuki opener doesn’t see when someone rings me.

Hi…I think I have no direct solutions for you but I would check this:

  • check the diagnostic buffer of URMET if there are any entries

  • sometimes old URMET have problems with DP and perhaps a firmware update could help


Thank you for your response! I really appreciate that! Could you tell me please how can I update firmware of my intercom? I’ve tried to google that but found nothing. And how can I check the diagnostic buffer?

Hey. I just got my Nuki Opener, and I managed to get this urmet to work : Got URMET 1150/351 - 1150/35 - 1133/013 to work!

I have this same model 1133-D001 like Baptiste Jn (and Nick111 apparently).
The thing is, the terminal board on the PCB has only two screws on two connectors! No VA wire, only #1 and #2 connectors.
Two wires are connected together on #1, while two other wires are connected together on #2.
I measure constant 22VDC with a voltmeter between these two connectors, all the time.
But the opening button on the interphone case is able to open the main door downstairs only if someone rings the bell from the intercom panel in the street first.

However I don’t understand Yohannkazz’s message above as he points to a solution involving models that have 3 connectors (including the VA wire, which is absent from the model described in this thread).

Please, if someone managed to make this 2x2 wire URMET system work with Nuki Opener, tell me how.

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Hello Julien,

Did you manage to make it work in the end ?

Hello any update ?
I tried it but it doesnt work

Dear Syl20,

Doesn’t it not working at all or at least you can open the front door? I my case I could get “Ring to Phone” mode to work but it takes to ring the front door two times in a row with a little pause. So first time I ring the front door it kinda wakes up my interphone and then the second time I ring it opens the front door as it’s already woke up.


Usefull docs :

My post

Le how-to of nuki opener (read chap “analog intercoms”) for installation and configuration, chap “3” for the meaning of each wire of the nuki opener

Install guide of the Urmet 1133 for well understanding, well configuring, well connecting, checking the connections. How to send you the pdf guide ?

I recommend for proper connection using this connectors


You need 3 and 5 wires types.