Got URMET 1150/351 - 1150/35 - 1133/013 to work!


After a few hours and multiple tries, I finally got my URMET 1150/351 to work ! The PCB says 1133/013, and I know that 1150/35 should also work.
This is an analogue system, but with only 2 wires. The specificity here is that the ring comes from the same wire than the rest.

Here is my setup :

Close-up on the wires :

2 : yellow / blue
CA : green
1 : purple / black

I selected Urmet > 1133/20 in the app to configure the opener.

Everything works as it should ! I saw some posts on the forum asking how to wire everything with this specific model, hope this helps !

Thanks for mentioning this in my thread where I asked for help with my 1150/35. I see the wire setup and will try it as soon as i get back home, but please tell me which model did you select in app while configuring Opener? Did you select just the generic - analouge or some specific model?


I chose Urmet - 1133/20 to get it to work correctly.

(I’m going to update my first post)


Could you tell me please if your interphone needs to be preactivated? This means is somebody needs to ring you before to allow you to open the door or you can open your door anytime you wish? Thank you that you shared with us your experience, it’s really useful!

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No, I can open the door whenever I want from my phone, it doesn’t needs to be preactivated.
“Ring to Open” also works.


Thank you so much! Finely I found solution. I have to configure my opener for Urmet 1133/20 before but it didn’t worked. This time I tried to add an orange cable as you mentioned it and now it works but as my intercom needs to be preactivated I need to ring my intercom two times in order to use “Ring to Open” and “Continuous Mode” and still I can’t open the front door anytime I wish withing the Nuki App, somebody need to ring me first so my intercom will be activated and only then I can open it. And it seems that Nuki sees someone ringing me only after someone did it two times consecutively.

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I tried to use this setup for my 1150/35 but it still doesn’t work. Opening from an app works but ring to open doesn’t and that is most important to me.
What orange wire are you talking about? Yohann did not connected the orange wire here. Can you please post the picture of your wiring?


I sorry, I’ve meant yellow cable not orange. I can’t send you the photo of my wiring because right there are some works going on in my apartment. I will try to send it later but you won’t see nothing new. It’s absolutely the same as Yohann has.

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@kazz Thanks for the helpful guide. I was able to setup my Urmet 1150/35 by following your instructions.

Everything seems to be working fine, but I did notice something rather strange. Looking at my activity log in the app, I noticed dozens of “someone rung the bell” notifications, even though no one actually rang on my name downstairs (I live in a shared building).

After doing some testing, I found out that the opener will log that someone rung the bell for anyone’s name and not just mine (I still only hear the bell whenever someone rings my name).

This makes the notifications and “ring to open” features kinda useless since a lot of people enter the building throughout the day.

Have you experienced anything similar?

Hey, yes, I have the same behavior on my Opener. I’m just using it for the “ring to open” feature when i’m approaching home.

Hello. I have the same Urmet Type. With which cable of the Opener you connect the cable which was in CA originally?