Nuki opener, Urmet 1133/15 mode 2 wires (1+n)


the Nuki app crashes when taping on “Urmet” then I can’t reach the step of the connection diagram.

May I get the connection diagram of the 1133/15 set to mode 2 wires (1+n) for Nuki Opener ? Thanks.

I know that we must connect the neutral wire (System ground) to connector 1 and the multipurpose wire (audio/call tone/door opener) to connector 2.
What is the neutral wire and the multipurpose wire on the Nuki side ?


the connection diagram From the Urmet doc

Which app and version do you use?

Samsung S7, Android 8.0
Nuki 2023.5.1
Opener Firmware 1.10.1

I’m unable to reproduce your crash. Please send contact your customer support via Help → Contract customer support which includes more details for further help. Thank you.

I did not open this discussion to get a solution for the crash.

I opened this discussion to get the connection diagram for a Urmet 1133/15 set to 2 wires (1+n) mode.


I found a documentation to solve the connection problem.


the connection diagram is:
Urmet connector 1

Urmet connector 2

Urmet 1133/15 mode 2 wires (1+n) tests:

  • open door without ringing fails
  • open door with ringing succeeds
  • Speaking with a person : in nuki app, where is the button to speak ?
  • open the door after speaking : in nuki app, where is the button to open the door ?