Troubleshooting guide for the automatic Bridge updates


The Nuki Bridge automatically checks for new updates periodically every 24 hours. If a new update is available, this update is automatically downloaded and installed on your Nuki Bridge without any need for manual inputs or user interaction.
The Nuki Bridge initially checks for available updates once one hour after it is plugged into the power socket - and from there on periodically every 24 hours.

Check Nuki Bridge Firmware version

You can check the currently installed firmware version by using the /info command of the Bridge HTTP API.

The latest available firmware version is documented here:


It may happen, that your Nuki Bridge is not updating properly due to several reasons:

  • A smart home integration might cause too much traffic on the Nuki Bridge, which suppresses the automatic update flow described above
  • The Nuki Bridge is not having a steady internet connection, which prohibits the proper download

For being able to still get the latest Nuki Bridge update, you can apply one of the following steps:

  1. Manually trigger the update by calling the /fwupdate command of the Bridge HTTP API
  2. Disable all your running smart home integrations and wait for 24 hours
  3. Disable the HTTP API of your Bridge and wait for 24 hours
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