Nuki Bridge Firmware Release notes (public releases)

This is an overview of the latest public firmware releases for the Nuki Bridge. You will always find the latest release on top.

Bridge FW 1.18.2


  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

Bridge FW 2.8.0


  • Fixes a crash which potentially happened after calling /list

Bridge FW 1.18.1


  • Support automatic firmware updates for connected Nuki devices

Bridge FW 2.7.0 / 1.17.0


  • Bridge API: get the battery in % for a Smart Lock (needs Smart Lock Firmware 2.8.1/1.10.0 or higher)
  • Bridge API: get callbacks for door Opener ringactions which did not trigger a state change (“someone unknown rang the bell”) (needs Opener Firmware 1.5.1 or higher)
  • Bridge API: get the Keypad battery state (needs Smart Lock Firmware 2.8.3/1.10.1, Opener Firmware 1.5.2 and Keypad Firmware 1.7.0 or higher)

Bridge FW 2.6.0 / 1.16.0


  • Bridge API: get the door state in /info and /lockState commands
  • Bridge API: get callbacks for door state changes

Bridge FW 2.5.1 / 1.14.x

  • HTTP-API callbacks working if the bridge is used offline (2.5.1)
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

Bridge FW 2.4.26 / 1.14.0


  • Support simple lock actions

Bridge FW 2.4.21


  • Bug fixes and stability improvements
  • Wifi firmware update to 2.1.13 to improve router compatibility

Bridge FW 2.4.8


  • Major rework of the Bridge Firmware 2.x to improve stability

Note: The first update to a 2.4.x firmware version can take up to 15+ minutes; be sure to keep the bridge plugged in and online during that time or the whole process will restart.

Bridge FW 2.3.0

Intermediate firmware version just needed for the bigger update to 2.4.x.
If your bridge shows this firmware version, replug it and keep it online; it will try to update 1 hour after the last restart and then every consecutive 24 hours.

Bridge FW 2.2.13 / 1.13.1


  • Confirmation before reboot via HTTP-API is done
  • Time update fixes

Bridge FW 2.2.12 / 1.13.0


  • Improved reconnect to the Nuki server
  • Offline status of a Smart Lock is updated faster
  • Improved handling of concurrent HTTP requests
  • Improved stability when the bridge is used offline (e.g. in a VLAN without internet access)
  • Improved handling of dropped connections for bridges with several Nuki devices connected
  • Improved reboot behaviour

Bridge FW 2.2.9 / 1.12.6


  • Nuki Opener support
  • Hashed token
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

Bridge FW 2.1.34

Factory firmware for Nuki Bridge (new hardware revision)