Suppress second or third unlock when door already has been unlocked very recently

Product name

Nuki SL 2.0


If you unlock the door manually via iOS or watch app do not open a second or third time within a certain period of time or when door sensor state is already “open”.


do not trigger the latch twice or even more times during one (manually triggered) unlocking action.


To avoid that the latch is pulled while you are trying to close the door or not to open it again when it was already a second ago.


If you are using iOS or watch app you may have experienced that you press the unlock button and do not feel that action has been noticed by the app. So you press the button a second or maybe a third time without everything happening. A moment later the app and SL connect to each other and the door is unlocked. But not only once but twice or more, depending on how often you pressed that button. So you have to wait for the number of unlocks to happen until you could finally close the door.
Another szenario is if two (or more) persons are comming home at the same time with auto-unlock feature activated it sometimes happens that the SL does a second auto unlock or even a third. So this could also be avoided by such feature.

This is what i am always concerned about. There are various scenarios where Auto-Unlock kicks in after the door has already opened.

Most frequently:
When Auto-Unlock can’t find Nuki and the door is manually opened (by Fob, App or another person in the house) and i know this is prevented after 2 min.

But i think each Auto-Unlock should immediately be canceled after a manual open.
There are great opportunities with the Door Sensor and Bridge to improve this (for people who own this).

Another more dangerous thing is with a phone that goes offline when away and come back home offline and gets online after a while. We had a situation where the door was opened unnoticed.
I would suggest something like Tado does with their Geofence, a recognition when someone actually approaches the “Home Zone”.