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I have tested Airbnb integration, and I have to say its working well, it has everything figured out. We would be interested to integrate Nuki smart locks into Smoobu booking calendar (combining multiple booking platforms). Please advice i it is possible to add this automation and connection to Smoobu or some other similar application. So every guest receives personalised entry code for the time of their staying.

I appreciate your reply. Best regards, Mitja

We are currently in talks with a lot of software providers for booking integrations and will keep you updated here as soon as concrete additions to our Airbnb integration are available.

Hi There,

I was looking for the very same issue as I will be using for the Management of my short term rental.
Any News on this Topic?

If not I would appreciate any hints to get Information if this could be glued together with a own Kind of Service as smoobu and NUKI both have APIs to possibly get this together.

THX for your interest.


@Boris_Breuer Did you implement a script for nuki + smoobu? I also intressted.

@gamespirit No. Not yet, wanted to see if here’s some official Support. Next step would be to bring the lock in it’s final Position, get an api key and get going. This takes some time as the house at the Moment get’s a heavy makeover…

Thanks for your input!
It is always good to see for us where demand lies for integrations. If you want to gather more support for your idea you can always add a feature request and start collecting votes for it.

Hi all,
I’m actually coding a unoffical workaround which will work for Smoobu as well as all the other platforms!
see Code-Creation (Integration) for

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A Beta has been announnced to launch on March 25th 2020:

–> Mid page of article

Well spotted :wink: … but this is not an official launch date yet.
I will keep you updated here as soon as you can start using the Beta on our side and we are looking forward to feedback for things which should be fixed before the official launch.

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Hi Stephan,

Since 25 March is about a week ago now, any news on the release of the beta? :slight_smile:


  • Remco

After some delays the public Beta is now available at for you to try out (use your existing Nuki Web credentials). We are looking forward to your feedback to further improve before we “officially release” it.

Great, thanks for releasing the beta!

I have connected it about a few minutes after you posted the above :-). Connection process went fine, it shows as connected in the ‘short-rental’ page. Unfortunately, there are no bookings. That would be my first point of feedback; I think there should be a way to automatically or manually trigger a ‘one-off’ synchronization with all future bookings in the portal that you connect. Is there a way to get my future bookings in the system? Not sure how you do that with AirBNB/BookingSync because I don’t use those.

So after seeing that, I was happy when I received a new booking shortly after making the connection, but unfortunately, this booking also does not show up in Nuki Web (pressed the ‘update’ button multiple times). So it seems that the mechanism is not working currently, at least for my Smoobu account. Can you help me troubleshoot?

Hi @Torrentus !

Did you alreay connect Nuki devices to an accomodation? Only bookings for accomodations with connected device will show up (and create authorizations according to the settings done on connecting those).

So in the interface a “listing” should be shown as “Connected”-

Hi Stephan,

Yes, connection is made and in the interface it indeed shows as connected.

Just retried it here with our test-account and all seems to work as expected.

I only got a currently active booking in the system though:

You still should see upcoming bookings to the right (or by selecting the accommodation on mobile view). even if sending out the invite is possible 1 week before arrival the earliest.

Could you send me your Nuki Web E-Mail via PM, so we can further investigate this?

Hello @MatthiasK,

I have the same problem as @Torrentus has.
Currently I have connected my Nuki Smart Locks with Airbnb and it works fine. I can see the bookings on Nuki Web for each smart lock and I can activate/de-activate them.

I tried it also with the new smoobu integration but failed. The connection to smoobu worked as I can see all my smoobu accomodations in Nuki Web. The connection between each accomondation and my corresponding Nuki device worked also. But I can’t see the bookings. Even after clicking to the update button.

Can you please tell me how can I fix the problem?

Thank You!

Sorry, the fix on our side took longer than we hoped for, but it should be ready soon and we will keep you updated here when it is finally available.

Thank you for your response. Hopefully it doesn’t take too much time to fix this problem.

Great to hear that! I have been using the connection since it went live in Beta, and if it works, I really like the way it is set up. It is missing some stability still, but apperantly, that should be fixed soon.

@Paul_Zibert; I am not sure if you noticed already, but from my experience, the connection between Nuki and Smoobu is broken when it encouters a cancelled booking in Smoobu. If you reconnect after the cancelled booking, it should gather all bookings… …until the next cancelled booking ;-). Unfortunately, we have quite a few of these in corona-times now.

@Torrentus @Paul_Z

Please retry now; the connection issue with the canceled bookings has been fixed. (Note: You may need to have to reconnect to Smoobu once again!)