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NUKI Combo + Keypad


Create automatically codes for guests booking by


There is already an integration to Airbnb. 3 days prior guests will arrive, nuki web will create a code automatically and send it to the guests.


Time-saving and security, because I have to create the codes manually.


Same like the Airbnb integration.

I’m actually coding a unoffical workaround which will work for as well as all the other platforms! Write me a message, if you’re interested. I think it could go live in 3-4 weeks. But I’m open for everyone who is interested in beta testing :wink:


I am very interested! :wink:

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Hi @jenniferdeigendesch !

Im intressted in the code, how can I use it ?

Hi Georg, for more information see
But the site and explanations are only in german :wink: But for the guests there is english, german and dutch available.

@jenniferdeigendesch you should review the prices, in my opinion they are very high. Think that with the same amount for 6 nuki you have the opportunity to buy the Smoobu service and not only have the service you offer, but a much more complete service (channel manager, Api, web booking, online chack-in and more …)

yeah, I agree, it’s too expensive for what it offers (plus it’s German only)