Smart Lock Gen4 Pro - BT/WLAN/MQTT Issues

Dear all,

got last week our new SmartLock Gen4 Pro (as exchange our Gen3 lock).

I have setup everything as before but I face continious issues with Bluetooth and WLAN issues. It seems the connection gets lost quite frequently. Consequently MQTT is also not working stable.
Not sure if it is an SW issue (Version 4.0.31) or and caused by the HW. As a matter of fact also the APP needs allot of time to load the status/infos from the Smart lock.
As mentioned, our Gen3 Pro worked without big issues.

So please let me know if somebody face the same issues.


Most likely it’s neither of both, but a general WiFi stability problem. If possible please join the firmware beta program. Once you have a beta firmware running, please send me your Nuki ID via PM.

He mentioned that V3 was working OK.So general wifi instability only for V4 ?


As a matter of fact I also struggle to gain access from external. Currently the Lock is shown as “not reachable” in the APP. Hope this can be fixed soon.

I have the same issue.
WLAN connection drops quite often or connection is rarely established. Therefore, no access from outside is possible. The app says there is no WLAN connection. The router says the connection is established.

Nuki Gen4 Pro Firmware 4.0.31
Iphone with IOS 17.1
APP Version: 2023.11.3
Router: Fritz!box 6690 cable Firmware 7.57



Agree. I have the same Router as well (but I see no reason why this should have an influence). I have placed and re-setup my “old” Gen3 Pro SmartLock next to my mounted Gen4 Pro. No connectivity drops or issues during APP access (I see now both Locks in the APPs) so far. As soon as I open the APP the Gen3 Pro is shown immediately whereas the Gen4 Pro is not reachable or takes quite long to be shown in the APP, same via external (mobile) access.
Hope the Nuki team will finde the root soon.


i have 4.0.32 maybe try works fine for me with bridge in between
in january they come with update for wifi …no bridge !


Same here. The Nuki Gen4 has big issues with WLAN and MQTT. The accesspoint is arround 3m away but still every 24+h the problem with the not working MQTT connections. I have Version 4.0.31 on my Nuki

I hope that Nuki develops a new network stack that runs stably and enables MQTT even without the Internet. The time until reconnection should also be ascending and for example first start with a short interval and then increase the interval.


had the same problem - and have now my lock exchanged. let’s see if this is also the case with the one that comes the next days - BETA program in regards of the app (Google Play Store) or is there anything else to do?

Actually @Juergen was talking about the Firmware Beta Program

Of course you can also join the Beta program on the Google Play Store, as we are keen to have beta testers when coming up with new App versions - but this is not directly related to this topic

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So is this a known issue with the 4.0 that is being addressed? For now am i best keeping hold of my bridge as an in-between to improve the WLAN?

With firmware 4.0.33, the status of the lock is now transferred to the Nuki app via WLAN much faster than with 4.0.31 or 4.0.32. Now takes about 1 second. Previously it was at least 5 seconds.

This is now (experimentally) in todays 4.0.33 beta firmware.

This is also included in todays 4.0.33 beta firmware.

With firmware 4.0.33 you can change the aggressiveness of the WiFi power saving by setting Smart Lock > Settings > Features & Configuration > Battery > Energy-saving mode to “medium”. This could help with the WiFi stability in some scenarios.

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Seems to be a super important patch!!! After not being able to set up my gen4 you sent me a replacement. Not working again. (Motorola edge 20 ) - whereas I could connect with my Amazon fire 8hd (but can’t finish due to location request)…

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Seems to be an individual problem with your phone. Please contact our support via the Nuki App (Menu > Help > Contact Customer Support) and explain them your problem (again).

will do so, Jürgen! (Additional testing: Motorola Edge 50: better, but still connection issues after firmware upgrade (version .33), Fire HD 10 (with Play Store) - no problems.

Unfortunately even on 4.0.33 neither Wlan nor MQTT is stable. Playing with the Energy Saving mode but still do not get a reliable connection. Looking forward to the next update.


I have the same issue like @EmanuelBacher.
The connection to my wifi (close by) dropped and a restart of the Wifi itself did not help.
I am already on 4.0.37

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Since the Beta Update 4.1.1 the issue seems to be fixes.


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Same, complete nightmare trying to setup the Matter/Thread/MQTT on a brand new 4 Pro. The box proclaims compatible with HomeKit and Matter … but isn’t. Probably the most clunky software I have seen in an age. Thankfully bought thru an online marketplace … so if it isn’t sorted smartly (already wasted 3 hours on it), back it goes. My smart watches paired with it … but matter & thread save battery life. Sucks.