Smart Lock Firmware 3.7.x Beta

Smart Lock 3.0 Updates

Smart Lock 3.0 Beta 3.7.0

  • Minor improvement for system stability for Smart Lock 3.0 and Pro
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Well, I had also the issues with the lock after upgrading to 3.6.9.
Even the re-integration into the wlan was not possible (after entering the wlan password the “hourclock” circled for ages) .
Now after Upgrading to 3.7.0 the integration into the wlan was possible and the lock is in the wlan.

But the connection status tells only the connection between the App and the server is green. I am not able to access the lock via the app unless I am in Bluetooth distance.

But via Home Assistant and MQTT I am able to lock/unlock the lock without any time issues with 3.7.0.
With Version 3.6.9. also via MQTT was no connection except via Bluetooth.