Smart Lock (4th generation) Firmware Beta 4.3.x

I already did, thanks :slight_smile:

Thank you for this update :grinning: Its great to hear that 4.3.6 includes stabilization improvements, especially addressing the issue with the lock remaining in an unlatched state.

thank you for this update that fixes unlatch, but wifi issues are still there. My smartlock pro can’t connect to wifi and it is very close to the router.

Good morning, my Nuki Smart 4 pro after update 4.3.6 stopped connecting both via wifi and via thread. How can I solve it? Is it possible to go back to the official firmware? THANK YOU

I joined the beta starting with version 4.3.5, and updated to 4.3.6 as soon as it was available.
Since joined my SL4 Pro doesn’t react to all button presses.
From the app it works fine, and so from HA using mqtt.
But pressing the button to lock or unlock a lot of times doesn’t do anything.
Is this a known issue?

There is one known issue around button press, which will be addressed in the next beta (4.3.7). Please report back once the beta is out if your problem is solved with it.

Your Smart Lock is connected perfectly fine (via Thread) since a few days. If you still have problems you might switch back to WIFI. Follow this instructions to do so: Smart Lock WiFi/Thread/MQTT connection troubleshooting / FAQ - #3 by Stefan_Reiterer

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Original post has been updated with release notes for the Smart Lock (4th generation) Beta 4.3.7

This Beta includes an adaption for the reconnect handling of the Smart Lock Pro in combination with the WiFi / Nuki Server / MQTT connection and shall improve the situation especially for users which are actively using the MQTT API.

Next to that slight improvements are included for the double-click detection as well as for the clutch handling, which is now assuring that the smart lock is properly disengaging the clutch even when the batteries run low.

Finally a stability improvement is also part of the Beta which ensures that the smart lock is not getting stuck unresponsive via Bluetooth / WiFi.

Please report your findings within this channel.

Thank you for your provided feedback! :pray:

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Dear Stefan,

my Nuki is unable to install the newest Beta. It’s downloaded and transferred to the lock, but ends up with an error 23.

Edit: After putting out the battery for 5 Minutes, I was able to install the beta.

Hi there,

This firmware ( 4.3.6 beta ) seems to work nicely. I lost the MQTT connection, and it has been restored within 2 seconds :slight_smile:

Let check now the 4.3.7 release.

Upgrading my SL4Pro from 4.3.6 to 4.3.7 fails with error code 23 too.

PS: 4.3.6 is working quite well for with Matter over Thread.

Same here. After battery removal and waiting a couple of minutes the SW 4.3.7 is uploaded and working so far.

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It did the trick, thanks!

Hi there. 4.3.7 installed fine with me, but it has not fixed the double click action. Intermittently failing to respond to double click on the button (we have ours as single click lock and double click unlock). So far single click seems to be fine. This behaviour was also a problem in 4.3.6, but fine before that.

Today I have noticed that once again my Nuki 4 pro is not accessible remotelyfrom WIFI. Unfortunately I’m not at home to physically reset the battery. I guess it updated itself to the newest beta 4.3.7 overnight and failed to reconnect ever since…

I don’t understand how this beta firmware improves wifi connectivity if every time I have another issue with reconnecting to wifi?!