Smart Lock 2.0 Firmware 2.7.0

Good morning

The app is showing a new beta FW 2.7.0.
Are the realease notes coming today?
Want to read it before I‘m going to do the update :smile:

Sorry for being late with it.

There are no relevant changes in 2.7.0 if you just updated to the latest live-version. It has only been created to get Beta users in the new 2.7.x naming scheme.

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Thank you!
Updates works.

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Hi! I get randomly – after someone locked the door via the key – that the lock does not get opened correctly. A little bit of turning is missing.

Basically this means that I get locked out. Workaround is to select “open door” in the app that will turn the missing bit. BUT the fob cannot do that and my child was therefore already locked out.

Any solution for this?


@mikeseeh, I had that problem also some time ago.
In my case, its connected to winter time. We have a large wooden door, and in winter the latch moves a bit more sluggishly. So I adjust every winter the door lock a bit. so it moves easier. In spring, when temperatures rise, it is too loose,so I tighten it again.
See more in this thread Open door function problem

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I’m doing the same to times a year :wink: Even with a “normal” door it’s making a difference.

Great input!

I had it in winter and summer. Also problem comes back some days after re-calibration.
It really has to do with manual locking the door.

Wie bekomme ich denn die Beta auf das Schloss? In der iOS Nuki Beta wird mir nur die aktuelle Version angezeigt.

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