SKS HT4600 or BS2012, compatible Nuki Opener

I’m also living in an apartment with the SKS-Kinkel HT4600-2 (written on the board). I would greatly appreciate news on this. I also believe (at least here in Berlin) that many people have this (or similar) systems installed by their landlords in big building blocks.

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i am also from berlin, a lot of people i know do have sks bus systems in their home here - including me

would be awesome to get some feedback about ETA or if it is even possible (technical, legally) for nuki to provide this feature in near future

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+1 for HT4600-2 in Berlin

@Georg_S The last statement was that the investigation was scheduled for December.

Could you please share some insights into whether there will be any SKS BUS compatibility in the (near) future or not?

Leaving the users in the dark is the worst option.

As you can see there’s quite some demand for it. :slight_smile:


Unfortunately we are currently not able to connect to SKS BUS based systems. We are trying to find a solution for systems using this type of BUS communication, but we do not have a solution yet, not even in the near future as this may require a change in hardware or some kind of adapter.

Thats no good news.

Have you contacted SKS Kinkel to work together or is there simply a lack of the appropriate SKS hardware?

Here in Munich, Germany, the majority of new residential homes is equipped with SKS Kinkel 2 or 6-wire bus based hardware - since many years. The company holds an important market share in Germany.

Same here: SKS 4500/3 in Berlin. Would be great to get an update on this issue. Would it be possible though to change the house telefone?

Talked to SKS today. They didnt know about NUKI and said, they havent been approached by NUKI yet, but would be open to consider collaboration. So please NUKI, get in touch with them, it would open a huge german market, especially for AirBnB in Berlin, Munich and other german cities!


+1 for SKS 4500/3

Da SKS in der Kompatibilitätsliste aufgeführt ist, bin ich als Käufer davon ausgegangen, dass mein Modell entweder mit Glück oder eben etwas später funktionieren wird. Dass SKS grundsätzlich problematisch ist, ist natürlich bitter.

SKS doesn’t seem to be problematic in general.

Out of a previous Facebook post on the Nuki FB page, I assume that there is (not only with SKS) two different types of systems:

  • Analogue bus and/or not encrypted: no issue for Nuki at all, since it is easy to recognize the door bell signature on the line and “learn/remember” it since it is always the same signals.
  • Digital bus and/or encrypted: big issue, since the door bell signature changes (due to encryption) every single time the door bell rings. With the standard learning algorithm of Nuki it is not possible become compatible to those systems. Either Nuki would need to hack the encryption of the bus system (which I’d even consider illegal), or the vendor would need to provide insider information to Nuki (such as the encryption algorithm and encryption keys) to enable them to recognize the door bell sign (and react to it).

The newer SKS systems seem to be encrypted and from the previous conversation in this threat I do not believe that a solution is anywhere close in range (send my opener back already).

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The BUS System is very well documented and publicly available.

Lets see what future holds :slight_smile:

@XeroX where can you find an documentation about the SKS Bus protocol?



but thats are not documentations about the protocol, only about the installation of the hardware

True, the given information basically just tells which cable to connect where and what it is used for - it does not tell how the signal on the cable needs to look like, however the latter one is the information which Nuki would need.

I also have the HTV4600 and tried several configurations.

I think talking to SKS directly from Nuki official side would make the situation much easier.

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+1 for SKS 4500/3

I actually can’t find any documentation hinting any encryption except for NFC keys.

This must be documented or every system is using the same key.

Before upgrading to the SKS il vetro, I had a SKS 4500, which depended on the third party chip for converting bus communication for a ATMEGA to read. It was an AS2507T. You can find the datasheet somewhere online (as I am not allowed to upload it here).

If you are up for some soldering, you can still get most SKS intercoms fully working. I have succeeded with the SKS il vetro and the HT4600. I tested it with the HT4600 first as I didn’t want to destroy the much more expensive il vetro if it didn’t work. Fortunately, I got both of them working:

The picture shows you il vetro, right? How did you connect the HT4600 to the Opener? If you have a diagram or also a photo I could give it a try. I realy want to use the Opener instead of trying to “hack” the bus with a Raspberry or something.