SKS HT4600 or BS2012, compatible Nuki Opener

I have a SKS BS2012 with Bus System .
Is the Nuki Opener compatible ?

Bye Torsten

Hi Torsten,
I just sent you a PM with further details!
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Hi there,

is Nuki Opener compatible with the SKS Kinkel DS 2010 (with video) in the 6-wire version?


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I tried it it did not work it is not compatible

Bus (Generic) Generic digital bus. The Nuki Opener will try to automatically identify the
ideal parameters.
-Door opener button (not ok)
-Ring button (not ok)

Bus (Twinbus) Ritto Twinbus
-Door opener button (not ok)
-Ring button (not ok)

Bus (Qwikbus) STR Qwikbus
-Door opener button (ok)
-Ring button (not ok)

Bus (Bticino) Bticino 2-Wire Bussystem, Legrand
-Door opener button (not ok)
-Ring button (not ok)

Bus (Siedle) Siedle In-Home-Bus
-Door opener button (not ok)
-Ring button (not ok)

Bus (TCS) TCS-Bus, Koch
-Door opener button (not ok)
-Ring button (not ok)

Not ok = Not recognized
ok = recognized

Do you have another idea what I can do?

Torsten aus Berlin

Not for the time being. We’re testing SKS in our lab and once we have more details @Georg_S will post an update.

Ich habe mal eine Frage (Idee).
Da ja der OpenDoor in der folgenden Einstellung Teils geht.

Bus (Qwikbus) STR Qwikbus
-Da er die Tür öffner Taste erkannt hatte und die
Klingeltaste "Draußen " nicht.

Ich habe auch noch einen Schaltaktor von SKS da.
Da würde ein Relais schalten wenn der Klingelknopf gedrückt wird.
Kann man das Relais irgendwie in die Schaltung (verkabelung) einbauen ?

Bye Torsten

You can use the relay, but only as “other door” following this guide:

Ring detection through the bus together with actuation through a separate relay is currently not supported.

Hi Thorsten,
I’m seeing same behavior with my HTV4600. Door opener is detected but not the ring itself with STR Bus.

How is your wiring? Just +/- BUS to a/b?

Yes. The cabling is as shown in the app

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Hello Georg,
did you found a solution ? I have HTV 4606 (HTV-4600-2 circuit board) s and can wait for a solution only until the end of the year, otherwise I have to buy another product. This will be a pitty for both sides, as I have to set up 5 apartments.

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We do not have a solution for those systems yet. The investigation for SKS bus systems is planned for December 2019.


Cool! As you will investigate the SKS bus please be aware that there are 2-wire and 6-wire SKS bus systems on the market where the 2-wire Version also transmits voice and audio over the SKS-bus. SKS recommends installing the 6-wire version in new buildings as this installation type is far more trouble safe in comparison to the 2-wire variant.

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I checked documentation 6 wire does not differ from 2 wire in case of Nuki Opener. They probably only grab a/b wire (BUS). Other 2 wires are Audio/Video and Floor.


is Nuki Opener compatible with SKS Kinkel DS 2010 in the 6-wire version?



They start investigating SKS in December 2019.

i am also very interested in SKS BS2012 - did anyone found any workaround?

Any update on this investigation yet? Or is everyone on Christmas break already. :slight_smile:

I’m going to be moving to an apartment with a HT 4600 this month. Would be happy to do any beta testing if needed.

If it’s true, that due to proprietary encryption, SKS systems won’t be supported, it would be great if this was communicated. That would be a total dealbreaker for me, since I entered the Nuki ecosystem purely because of the Opener and also got the bridge + smart lock for that reason.

An update would be much appreciated! Thanks!


I‘d also be happy to help on beta testing for the DS2010 Video. Got the opener and the bridge but didn’t get it to work.


Same here for the BS2012!

@Georg_S is there any news yet?