Poor Wifi connection Nuki 4th gen Pro

Just for sharing my feedback on SL4PRO (I’m currently using 4.3.2 Beta Firmware).
I think the big problem is in the MQTT connection over WiFi; it is unstable and the MQTT connection is randomly unavailable every few hours, effectively making the smart lock unreliable (I use Home Assistant as Smart Hub). I believe this is a bug as the WiFi connection is stable (-64 RSSI) and I have other devices installed nearby that do not suffer from this type of disconnections (I use a FritzBox 7590). Energy saving is set to “medium” and I have paid attention to all the necessary precautions. Finally I tried disabling WiFi to test the Matter connection (through OTBR on AppleTV) and finally MQTT over Matter guarantees me stability! (More than 24 hours have passed without a single disconnection.) I hope that my experience can be of help in identifying any anomalies

Always the same problem, nothing changed with update. The connection is unstable

I’m closing this topic as it became too unspecific.

If you have WiFi problems, please look at this FAQ.
If you want to help improve the firmware please join the beta program and post your findings in the topic for the firmware you are running.
If you do not want to join the beta, please contact our support via the Nuki App (Menu > Help > Contact Customer Support) in order to report problems. They will be gathered and forwarded to the development team.