Opener push message takes too long

After opener recognizes door bell ring, it takes 5-10 seconds before I receive the push message on IPhone/watch.
Additionally it would be nice to be able to open the door from the push message via included button, currently I have to open the App or switch to Homescreen.

We are aiming to improve response times, but you will always see a certain delay in these notifications.

You mean like in this feature request?

I use the opener too but never got any push messages :frowning: what‘s the Problem ?

If it never worked for you please try to disable and enable them again in the opener administration.
If that doesn’t help please send a log-file o our support team at, so they can try to check for the reason of the problem.

This forum is for developer related issues.

Ok it works… a little bit.
But I do not understand why I am logged out of the app after an indefinite period of time and I am informed that the session has expired.

I think this could be a reasen for not delivered push-messages. Maybe you have always to be logged in at the app to nuki web for messages?

No. You are only logged out if the token gets invalid (time period; other sessions deacitvating concurrent ones etc.)
The log-in is only used to connect your App to a Nuki Web account for a specific device, as the Nuki Web log for the device is used to trigger the push notifications.
So if you can see activity log entries in Nuki Web they should also create a push notification to your App without further delay (according to your settings). No need to check if you are still logged into that account in the Nuki App.

Ok i will watch it if it works. Currently it‘s not available again.
I don‘t now why it‘s so often unavailable :confused:

By the Way… are push messaging only delivered for unknown ringers ? While ring for open is activated there are no messages coming

Yes, because for Ring to Open where are separate push messages (via lock actions) used as the ringing will already have opened the door when you receivce the notification.

It only works if I put the update button on the device in Nuki Web.

O.k., this then means that your Bridge has some issue with automatically syncing an updated status. Could you send me a PM with your device IDs there I can follow up with some more detailed questions?

@MatthiasK Are you already making progress on improving the notification delay? This feature was one of the main reasons for me to get the Opener but it only makes sense if the delay stays below ~2 seconds.

On a related note, there is also a significantly longer delay when unlocking with the Opener vs. unlocking with the Smart Lock (using Google Assistant). Adding everything together (delayed notification, delayed Opener unlock), visitors are long gone before being able to open the doors for them.

I changed the Energy mode to Fast on mine and it seems to have improved a bit, but it is still +20 seconds.

Changing the energy mode to “Fast” unfortunately did not improve the delay.

In addition to the delay, unlocking via Web API seems to be extremely unreliable. I am already considering to return my Opener.

I don’t get any push messages on my android :frowning:

@nukor What delay times do you experience? And do you have Smart Lock and Opener on the same bridge?

@Michiel The delay should not be 20+ seconds. Do you see the same dely in updates to Nuki Web or only for the notificiatons on your smartphone?

@shidemo Please send a log-file with a short description of the problem and the exact time when it occured to our support team at, so they can check the details of what happend.

@MatthiasK, both web en smartphone have show same delay. The weird thing is that I just tried it twice within 5 minutes and the first time it took over 20 seconds and the 2nd time around 5 seconds on both web and smartphone. to receive the notification.

@Michiel O.k., if it’s the same in Nuki Web then it the delay is most likely from the Bridge. Do you have any integrations running on the Bridge API? Other reasons could be HomeKit or devices connected to the Smart Lock via bluetooth while status updates are being pulled by the bridge.

Hi Stephan,
I have also a delay here.
Yesterday I had a few tests and the push notification needed 12 - 20 seconds.

In my case a Integration to home assistant is active.
Even without the active integration there is a delay.

@MatthiasK, for me it is only the opener with the bridge no other integrations other than IFTTT but wouldn’t assume that influences the bridge…

+1 …Very long time to take notifications!
initially I did not receive any notification (I opened an issue yesterday but I have not yet received an answer), finally, hidden in the sub-menus, I found the item smartnotification (absurd complexity to activate it and check if some parameters disable them).
Notification times are totally variable but above all UNACCEPTABLE, from a minimum of 20s to more than a minute !!!
If I found a way to capture api messages (they rang, nuki opened) I would try to solve with other instruments (iobroker).
At the moment I am embittered, I come from a previous solution Nello (now failed) which provided notification times of not even 1s!