Opener push message takes too long

Maybe you have problems due to the Covid quarantine, however email responses are also taking a long time like the notifications of the opener.
I repeat that the app’s notifications to the intercom sound are truly unacceptable, please do something or tell me what to do.

You should not experience such a long delay. Have you already tried to contact our customer care to go through your setup/connection quality etc. to check if everything is fine? (

Hi Stephan, I don’t really know what kind of problem there may be. Notification times are very variable, really too much.

Sometimes it comes after 3-4s other times after 10-15s, sometimes it just doesn’t come.

I tried to intercept the change of state of the “dateUpdated” field through an ioBroker plugin, I checked the state of the “state” in the WebApi, but that’s not what I want.

It would be helpful to have a WebApi service field indicating “someone ringing” status.

But above all it would be useful for the app to provide me with the notification in a couple of seconds and in a stable way, allowing me to open from the Apple Watch or from the phone.

Now if I’m at home and I hear the intercom ringing I don’t know how long the notification will come to me, so I go to the intercom … sometimes it comes while I pick up the receiver other times when the second entrance rings … sometimes after a few minutes …

The internet connection is good (200mbs) and stable, previously I used (I think you knows it), and then the notifications were almost immediate.

Same network, same wifi.

I send a request to Nuki support and this is what they said:
Please go to the “Manage notifications” section of the Opener (menu - “Manage my devices” - “Opener” - “Manage Opener”) and deactivate all notifications.
After that leave the section, re-enter it and activate all the notifications you want to recieve.

Done…no result, I told them…but no answer at all…
Who can I contact?

it will be useful to have an MQTT service for the ringing state…