Opener problem with BTicino BT-344652

I’m new to Nuki and I try to connect Opener (Firmware V. 1.3.1) with a BTicino BT-344652 (Class 100 NEW V16B).

I was thinking this post on the BT-344502 (Class 100 V12B) was a good start:

I tried different configurations (using one or the other bus cable as the +), connecting the red cable either with the yellow one or with the orange and green together).

The configuration with the red and yellow cable allows me to go to the screen “Actuate Door Opener” which seems to show that the cabling is somehow correct.

But it seems the BT-344652 is not powered and when I press the door opener button, nothing happens.

My questions:

Does this model of BTicino work with Opener?
What am I doing wrong here?

Thanks a lot for your support.

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did you try to connect only black and red from the opener to the two sides of the BUS. Just put the opener wires over the original ones. That’s the most simple version without doorbell supression. Then the intercom should get power.

Best luck!

Hi! Could you explain this Mode?


It was long time ago… But we are in Covid time :rofl:
It works. Thank you!