Opener - Auta Compact Digital [Compatibility]

Hi there! Another one with an Auta Compact Digital at home.

I kindly request help for connecting it to the Nuki Opener, maybe any of you finally got it and can post it here.

It needs to be activated to work, if it helps. Attatched you can find some pictures of the actual config.

It seems to be using GND cable on SPEAKER, N on the “ALPHA SYMBOL” (watherver it means), and PHASE on +

Many thanks in advance!!!

@Rose_Languste I saw you helped a lot in the forum, any advice? :slight_smile:

@nunorafonso what do you think of this one? maybe your setup can work here too?

Hi! We can try a few things! At first we look what system this intercom is, - digital, analogue or hybrid!? At first we try a standard digital wiring, - red and orange opener wire to “+” and the black opener wire to the gnd wire at the very bottom, together with the wire what is already there, - also connect the wires again as they where before, and do also the red and orange opener wires together in the same screw as the wires what are already there! This a minimal wiring for testing, please do all wirings with disconnected opener, and connect the plug of the opener wires just after you finished wiring, and look that the plug is straight and tight in the opener, because it get very fast errors there! Reset the opener and do a fresh setup with generic bus as intercom!

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It’s a digital one, and in its standalone initial configuration, its using only 3 wires on negative, common and ring, and two wires for video, on COAX and GND.

Will try and see, thank you, will report back when have time to test.


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Same problem here, please update when or if you manage to connect it successfully:)

Actually busy with wortk stuff, but will follow Rose steps and report if I manage to success. @Rose_Languste Is there any schema that indicates the function of each cable on Nuki? I mean, if i want to try to detect the ring only, wich color etc, or it depends on the setup you are using each time?

Compact Digital V2.0 Manual

Maybe this helps @Rose_Languste

Depends on the configuration, - analogue = purple(gnd1)&blue(opening), black(gnd2), yellow(ring in)&green(ring out), red&orange(VoiceIn/Out but has no functionality yet), digital = depending on intercom modell and configuration.

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Have you tried what I wrote before?

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Not yet cuz im out of home due to work, but I will! Thank you


Hey! Did you try by now?

Any update?

Hi! Try the wiring I wrote above!

I haven’t bought NUKI yet so I couldn’t try. I don’t want to buy it if it doesn’t work