Opener - Auta Digital

Hi, I bought the opener and I’m trying to connect it but without success.
My intercom is an Auta Digital, I’ve seen some members question but I haven’t found a solution.
I’ve tried with the configuration with (generic bus) but I only have the “+” I don’t have the “-”.
I followed the configuration indicated by @Rose_Languste in this post Auta compact digital but i can’t find a way to work.

Someone can help me?


Hi! Your cry for help reached me! To sort some things out try this please at first, - take a short isolated wire and take off some isolation of both ends, now hold one end of the wire on the “+” screw and the other end to the screw right of “+” with the round symbol, and look if the opening mechanism goes active, every time you connect the two screws with the wire. Get back here with the result.

Thanks, i’ll try and let you know :thinking:

But @Rose_Languste let me see if I understood correctly.
I connect the “+” that is my blue wire with which of the representations I have in the photo? red or yellow?

Hi rose,
Yesterday I tried without any success. :slightly_frowning_face:
Any more suggestions?

Hi! No thats not right, connect the screw with the blue line with the screw with the yellow line just right of the blue with the wire!

Ok, soon i’ll do it

Hi Rose,
Unfortunately for me it doesn’t work either :slightly_frowning_face:

Ok no problem, that’s just for sort out the system. Please try this, - take the nuki clamp and put the yellow&red opener wire together in one port, now take out the original wire on the “+” screw of your intercom and put in the second port of the clamp, now put the green&orange opener wire in the “+” port of your intercom, now take the black opener wire and put it together to the also black wire in the little green two port block what is on the right down corner of your intercom board (the little green two port block with a green and black wire in it), wiring finished. Now reset the opener and do a fresh setup with generic bus.

Any more suggestions? This doesn’t work :frowning:

Please try the Black opener wire above on the green block with 4-screws on the “-” screw.

Thanks for your support rose Unfortunately I don’t work either.

Hi Rose

I would like to buy opener and i have this auta compact. Do you have any solution? May be enough for me if only Ring to open was right to open.

Thanks Rose