Nuki Smart Lock Configuration

I just brought the nuki smart lock to test if it would work on my door which has a weird locking mechanism.

I have a multipoint locking door for which I need to turn the lever up to lock the door but to unlock the door I need to use the key to unlock and then use the lever open the door. Thus, the smart lock in my situation is only needed to unlock the door as locking can only be done with the lever.

In theory, I think the nuki should be able to support this as it should be able to rotate the key to unlock and then I can push the lever to open the door. I then don’t need the nuki to lock the door with the key as I do it with the lever.

However, after multiple attempts to configure this with the app I was not able to make it work. The unlock action via nuki app does not turn the key enough to actually unlock the door. If I do it manually by turning the knob on the nuki then I am able to unlock the door though.

Hope I was able to describe my issue sufficiently. Any suggestions on how I can l can make this work?

You have a so called “Lift up Handle” which is officially not supported by Nuki.
However you can get it to work reasonably well.

The most important thing you have to remember is that you always need to lift the handle before the Smart Lock can lock the door.

What you have to do:

  1. When calibrating the Smart Lock, leave the door closed and unlocked AND lift the handle before you start the calibration.
  2. You can try to optimize the lock and reduce the locking distance for the 2 times locked position by -180 degrees. You might also try 360 degrees locking instead of 720 as this has no impact on the security of your lock.
  3. You better not mount the door sensor, which means that the door will not be automatically locked immediately when it is closed after Lock’n’Go, but only after the Lock’n’Go timeout is over. → When you leave the house, you just double press the button on the Nuki, walk outside, close the door and lift the handle. Nuki will automatically lock after 20s.
  4. It might be wise to change the behavior of the button and the Fob actions from intelligent to “unlock”, so that you do not lock by accident without having the handle lifted before. If you are aware of this restrictions you can leave it as it is.
  5. If you get used to always lift the handle after walking through and closing the door, you can even use functions like Auto-Lock or Night Mode.

Let us know if it worked.

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Thanks for your response and tips Jurgen.

I tried that tips you mentioned but it did not work :frowning:

  • When I pull up the handle on the outside of my door to lock it and then try to callibrate the Nuki, I hear the motor turning for some time but then I get an error that the lock is blocked and the callibration is unsuccesful. This is not true as I can still turn the knob on the Nuki manually to unlock the door

  • When I pull the handle up on the inside and try to calibrate, the calibration is successful but unlocking the door does not rotate the key enough to actually unlock the door. Changing the custom settings also do not make the key rotate enough to actually unlock the door.

I was aware that Nuki probably doesnt support my door but still wanted to give it a go since I had heard very positive feedback about the device. I still think from a hardware perspective the lock should work (as I can make it all work by manually turning the Nuki knob) but the software restricts the extent of customization possibilities to actually make it work for my lock. Any other suggestions you have are greatly appreciated else I guess I will just have to send the Nuki back and settle for my ‘dumb’ lock.

That does not make much sense, there is no “motor blocked” error during the calibration.
If you have the chance to make a video, please but a small piece of tape on the knob of the Smart Lock (so that we can see the positions of the knob on the video), pull the handle of the door down and turn by hand max left & right, afterwards raise the handle and turn again by hand left & right and afterwards start the calibration (from unlocked position).

Please send me the video/link to the video as private message. Thank you!

You are correct. I made a mistake when I described the calibration error with the door in fully locked position. After completely rotating the error I see is "calibration failed (Error 42) "

Have sent you the video as direct message as requested

I am not suggesting you do the following but I am mentioning it for comparison and because the information may also help Nuki.

Yale make a smart lock called the Conexis L1 which is designed for multipoint locks and the use is typically on the same type doors as what yours sounds like. Like the Nuki lock it uses a Euro profile mechanism. Currently the only connectivity options for this Yale lock are either Z-Wave or a proprietary Yale module however they have announced a module which will be equivalent to the August module sold by Yale in the US.

I mention the above so that Nuki can see it is possible to create a smart lock that would work in your scenario and this may help them understand the configuration and come up with an equivalent solution.

I certainly regard the Nuki product as vastly superior to the Z-Wave or proprietary Yale options although arguably the ‘Yale Access Module’ aka August Connect module with an equivalent bridge is or will be much closer in comparison to the Nuki product line.

There is also the Ultion SMART Lock which I am less familiar with but it also appears to support multipoint locks.

Thanks for the suggestion John.

After quite a lot of back and forth with Jurgen, we were still not able to make the Nuki work with my door lock. I like the Nuki hardware and app and I think if it was possible to do further customization while calibrating the lock, I would have been able to make it work for Nuki (i.e. specify manually how many degrees to turn the key to unlock and to disable the locking with the key etc.). Something similar to this feature request ( Feature request: Learning mode for rotation-calibration

I have now ordered the Yale Linus and will be experimenting with that to check if it can work for me as I understand that it offers more granular configuration.