Nuki + Gainsborough Trilock

I have just installed by Nuki Smart Lock on my Gainborough Trilock Contemporary door and all is working fairly well, but im having al little trouble getting it to work perfectly.

The Trilock lock works with a push button on the inside that effective blocks the outside handle from functioning (not sure I like this anyway) however the latch is still free to move. The door is subsequently unlocked when the inside door handle is pressed. The key seems to be only used to pull the latch (from both inside or outside) when the outside handle is disengaged (locked with the button).

What i have noticed is that when the key is positioned just before pull the latch, the latch is effective “locked” and the door cant be opened.
I’m still figuring out if this is correct or not, if it is; is there a way to have Nuki change the direction and distance it turns the key?

Try to set the Nuki “door fitting” to “Knob or bar”. This will give you the “open door” function (= unlatch) as primary means to unlock the door.

The locking direction is automatically detected during the calibration. Therefore it is important that you start the calibration from the unlocked position.

Let me know if this helped and whether the Smart Lock now works properly on your Trilock.

Thanks for the quick response. Yea the nuki is set to knob or bar, I found that the other day and it works fine.

I think the issue here is that latch doesn’t actually “lock”, it might be a fluke that I found a position where it seems to be locked.

I’ve attached an exploded view, it doesn’t seem out of the ordinary, but perhaps it will help explain.

You have a lift up handle with a split spindle.

The things mentioned in this post should also apply to your door/lock: