Nuki Smart Lock API v.2.0

What has been done?

  • We have updated our documentation to reflect all currently available new features of the Smart Lock 2.0 and the Keypad.

  • Also some missing things have been added. For more details see our changelog.

  • The newest version online

All information on our Smart Lock Bluetooth API can be found here in one place:

What’s planned next?

Command usage examples should be expanded as part of the #apis:bluetooth-api section here in the new developer forum!

Changelog v.2.0.0


0x0031 - 0x0034: Reworked log commands

0x0035 - 0x0037: Advanced config commands

0x0039 - 0x003F: Time control commands

0x0041 - 0x0048: Keypad commands


0x000C: Updated Smart Lock states for scheduled events, auto-lock and the door sensor

0x0011: Added more details to the battery report command

0x0015: Added Homekit status

0x000C, 0x0013, 0x0015: Added Timezone support

Error codes: More detailed error codes available


0x0022, 0x0023, 0x0024, 0x0026: Replaced log commands

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