Nuki Smart Lock 4.0 not updating state properly

my setup:
Nuki Smart Lock 4.0
Nuki Bridge
Nuki Opener

Nuki Smart Lock stopped updating bridge on its current state. In the following scenarios:

  • pressing the lock button to lock or unlock the door
  • being auto-locked after staying unlocked
  • being auto-locked after initiating lock’n’go

Calling http://[IP]:8080/info?token=[TOKEN] doesn’t show actual lock state until one of the following happens:

  • Nuki app gets opened on my smartphone-
  • calling http://[IP]:8080/lockState?nukiId=[ID]&deviceType=4&token=[TOKEN]

This doesn’t happen (meaning the lock state gets updated to the bridge properly) when:

  • using the app to lock or unlock door
  • calling http://[IP]:8080/[lock/unlock]?nukiId=[ID]&deviceType=4&token=[TOKEN]

it seems that it is some kind of internal firmware bug which needs to be fixed
it’s a shame given that my lock 4.0 is brand new and there are some many things that are wrong with it, starting with inability to add it to homekit natively via matter. I’ve started to use homebridge as a way of working around it but it relies on api and buggy firmware

i have same problem

seems that there’s another topic on this or similar matter

it’s a shame there’s no answer from Nuki team

Same issue on my side (Nuki Smart Lock 4 Pro and firmware 4.2.6) - notifications are not received automatically. Notifications are received only when I open Nuki App.

Calling Nuki developers to address this issue
I cannot believe that numerous posts on this matter and none has been replied by a Nuki official

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Hi all,

thanks for reporting the issue, we’ll look into this.
I’ll noticed you, once fixed.


Please test and report back if todays beta 4.3.2 fixes the problems.

unfortunately I am not subscribed to the beta program. I’ve submitted the application form, but I was told it can take up to two business days to process that

Today, new firmware update appeared in Nuki App for Smart Lock 4 Pro. I updated the firmware from version 4.2.6 to version 4.2.8 which solved my Push notification (Log Notification) issue.

I have tested and now I receive the Log notifications within 12 seconds (usually 10-11 sec) in each case: button lock/unlock, NUKI App lock/unlock/open, Google Home lock/open. Not yet tested with Auto Unlock feature but probably it will work.

Thank you.

I’ve been testing firmware 4.3.2 and it seems that the problem is gone

I have a Nuki4 Pro without a bridge (using Matter with HomePods and AppleV) and most of the time nothing is logged in the activity log, unfortunately your support was unable to help me. I just got the standard tips, restarting all devices etc…

I’ve integrated the lock using the bridge again because MQTT is unreliable.
Haven’t tested it on 4.3.2, I’m running 4.3.4 right now and calling /list shows the old state when manually turning the knob or pressing the button until lockState is being called.

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