Notification does not work after Nuki Smartlock 4 Pro Firmware Update 4.2.6



  • Nuki Smart Lock 4 Pro (connected to wifi via Nuki Bridge)
  • Nuki Opener
  • Nuki Door Sensor


  • After firmware update to 4.2.6, the NUKI Smart Lock 4 Pro does not send notifications
  • Notifications worked in pervious firmware


When the door is opened/unlocked/locked by the Nuki Smart Lock button, I do not get any notification on my android phone (Samsung Galaxy S24). It worked in previous firmware. The notifications are received only when I open the Nuki App on my mobile. It seems that there is some bug in the firmware.

I have tried to solve the issue by switching off the notification and logging out from NUKI Web in the NUKI App, then logging in and enabling the notifications but it did not help.

Any information from NUKI Team? Has anybody the same issue? Have you find a solution?

Thank you.


I have the same problem with same setup as you

Today, new firmware update appeared in Nuki App for Smart Lock 4 Pro. I updated the firmware from version 4.2.6 to version 4.2.8 which solved my Push notification (Log Notification) issue.

I receive the Log notifications within 12 seconds (usually 10-11 sec) in each case: button lock/unlock, NUKI App lock/unlock/open, Google Home lock/open. Not yet tested with Auto Unlock feature but probably it will work.