Nuki Opener with Tegui Series 8 possible?

Is anybody able to tell me if the Nuki Opener will work with the Tegui Series 8 video intercom?



Hi Robin,

Did you manage to install it on tegui serioes 8?
I am struggling to find out where to plug the wires. I know blue is to open but not sure how to connect it to the Tegui.

Thanks a lot

Hey Santiago,

Unfortunately I never ended up purchasing the Nuki opener after the customer service of Nuki had told me that it was not supported with the Tegui 8 and not sure if it ever will. Which I’m afraid might also be the case in your situation.
If for some reason you do manage to make it work, I would love to hear from you as I would immediately order one for myself.

Attached you can find the communication I received from Nuko

Kind Regards,


Thanks for your answer Robin.
I am going to do some experiments and let you know.
The seller of Tegui told me it is a 2 wires system and that Nuki is made for 5 wires systems. That said it seems that using the bus configuration there is a chance to make it work.
If I manage I will post a picture here, and if it burns I will too. :slight_smile:

That will be much appreciated!
I wish you the best of luck!
Looking forward to hear from you!

No luck so far Robin,
2 wires systems seem no to be very compatible with Nuki at the moment.

Hey @Heijt771

We managed to make it work!! Pic below. Took a couple of hours of trying with the tester but now is up. Not sure about other functionalities but at least the basic thing which is open from the phone it works.

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Hey Santiago,

Thanks a lot for sharing your findings with me!
I’m just sharing some images of my master and slave system of my tegui 8. And I was just wondering whether or not you could potentially give me advice on if I could apply your logic to my devices.
Let me know if you would have an idea!

Thanks a lot in advance!

Actually I hired an electrician to do it. And with the help of a testing device, he managed to identify the component that opens the door, basically the opener in the board.

Haha, smart choice!
Well I saw your other forum post, and I will hope that maybe the nuki dev team will be reading your findings, and potentially make them compatible natively.
Let’s see, maybe I’ll go on an hire an electrician as well.

Thanks for the communication!
Have a good one

How did you configure the Nuki to work on your intercom?

Hi @santi I am trying to make a 2 wire tegui system work, I have seen your pics but I only see two cables soldered to what seems to be the open button in the tegui intercom , but what about the rest of the cables from the nuki opener? How did your electrician connect them???

Can you please share a pic or two?

Thanks in advance

Please Santi send us a photo, I really need your setup

I would like to report that I have successfully connected Nuki Opener with Tegui 8. I have connected all the cables as described in the Nuki setup app. Then selected Brand: Generic and Model: Bus (Biticino).

I am still trying to figure out all other options (ring to open and noise suppression). Ring to open sometimes doesn’t work. Most likely because I do not yet understand the logic of all the options.
Good luck!


I just soldered the opener just like Santiago did, and now I’m trying to configure the app using the generic and model: Bus Biticino but it keeps failing. @sskoro is there anything else you did? @santi is there anything else you tampered with?

Thanks a lot!

Are you using the Tegui Series 8?

I just recently gave it another attempt myself, and I was actually able to connect my series 8 monitor using the unsupported devices documentation. Meaning that I now have full functionality of the Nuki Opener including ring to open and ring surpression.

This all without any soldering, just connecting the wires in the correct order.

Opener config successful, but cannot open the door

Take a look at the threat above, maybe it can be of use.


Thanks @Heijt771 but I cannot access the full wiring. I can only access the intercom where the two wires end.

I have the exact same phone as @santi.

Well, that’s the thing about those 2 wires that come in, it seems that they are Bus Wires. As this is where they enter into the intercom ports.
All you need are those 2 cables.
I have the same, I only get 2 cables into the intercom, which are entering into the Bus ports. These are connected with the nuki opener, where multiple cables from the nuki connect to only 1 cable of the intercom.

Anyway, I wish you good luck, I hope it’ll work in the end!

Thanks @Heijt771 , now I undestand the picture.
The red and blue that come out the wall are the two originals to tegui 8 series.

So you hatch green and orange to the original “blue slot”. You add black to the “red wall” and then you hatch red and yellow to the “Nuki adapter” with the “blue wall”. Blue and purple are left disconnected?

How do you recognize what’s “blue wall” and what’s “red wall”? I mean , i don’t have the same colours so it will be trial and error or is it any way to identify them?

Here’s a picture of the set up. I also didn’t exactly know what each cable did or meant. But I just went straight in with trial and error. I tried every possible combination from my side until it worked.
I do have to say that I used a multimeter to detect if there was any current coming from the cables as a safety precaution.
I used the generic bus protocol on the nuki app, once you do that the app itself will explain which cables to put where. It’s a nice little guide. I just went in trial and error with the order of the cables however.
Maybe it’s worth the try?