Nuki Opener | Golmar T-940 Plus

Hi all,

trying to get the Nuki Opener to work with my Golmar T-940 Plus.
Anyone have been successful and can share the wiring?

Here is the connection description:

I really hope you can help me as we have 20 T-940 Plus in this project we are trying to connect the Opener to.

Thanks a lot,

Here is an actual picture on how the T-940 Plus is connected:

Please find the manual describing the connections of T-940 Plus Terminals starting page 85.
I hope this will help!

Manuel by Golmar

I am available to test whatever helps to get it running.


Tried Generic BUS and black to (-) and red to (D) as suggested.
Does not work.

Is there any timeline, when Golmar BUS devices will be supported by the Opener?

Thanks, Chris

Golmar BUS systems are under investigation. We will release our results soon.


Hi Georg,

do you have any news?

Best, Chris

Not yet, please be patient! Thanks


Been patient for another week, allow me to ask again if you have any update for Golmar Bus users.

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May I kindly ask for an update for Golmar Bus users?

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We have the system in our lab under observation. There is not more to say for the time beeing.


@Juergen can you share anything new on the status of Golmar gear?

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Sorry, no update for the time beeing. It’s still work in progress.

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Thanks for the heads up @Juergen! I think we’re just excited about it :wink:

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Greetings to the team!
Is there any update so far?
Thanks, Christian

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Waiting for months now as I bought the opener when it came out. You mentioned that the team is working on it an that you have a Golmar Intercom System in the labs.

Any progress so far?

Can we expect a beta this year?

Thanks for a quick update!

Best, Chris


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Hi with this resistor and this diagram It will works nuki opene with a Goldman Platea PLUS ? The resistor 82 ohm of 1/4W or 1W ?¿

And how can I install a Beta firmware ?


1/4W is OK, either send me your Opener ID via PM or wait for the live release,that will be available soon.
Best regards

Hi Georg, my opener is expected to arrive today and I would be keen to test it over the Christmas break. I have the 82 Ohm resistor ready to go :slight_smile: . Could I get a copy of the beta sw ? The system I have is a Golmar Tekna Plus V2.