Nuki Opener for Elvox Giotto 6329 - activate analogue ring detection with a threshold of 9000 mV

Good morning and thank you for you attention.
I have followed the instruction on post Nuki Opener instructions for Elvox Giotto 6329 (C) in order to install my opener.

The last step, as described by the article, is “Contact one of the Nuki team members at and ask to activate analogue ring detection with a threshold of 9000 mV. You will be sent instructions on how to proceed.”
I hope to have done the right step to bring that question as a new topic.

Thanks a lot,

Hi! Please write this to the support, but directly from inside the nuki-app, because you will get a faster and more direct help to your issue - open nuki app - push three bars at top right corner - scroll down to help and choose it - scroll down until you see the entry “contact support” and choose it - now write your issue and send the message!

Thank you so much Rose, I have followed your suggestion.

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Hi @Rose_Languste , after 17 days I have not received any feedback. It is that normal or do you thing I have to submit the question again?
Inside the app I don’t find any section in order to keep trace of the open question. How can I take trace of my question?

Thanks a lot in advance

Hi! No thats not normal!? Normally you should get a support ticket! Please write again!

Thanks I’ll do it.

Hello @Rose_Languste , I redo the operation a week ago but still I her no result.
I just completed again, few minutes ago, another support request. For none of them I have received any ticket id or confirmation by mail, the only confirmation is the one that I get at the end on the process in the app.

Hmm… that’s really strange, normally they react!? Try to write one of the nuki employees here on this forum directly, they should answer.