Nuki 3.0 Pro Connectivity Issues with MQTT Broker on Home Assistant

I have the same problem. I have unifi ap and mosquitto mqtt over home assistanr os

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The last update 3.8.2 fix the problem
Thanks !

@Aviv_Simhi How did you get 3.8.2? I have 3.7.7 despite having automatic updates in place.

join to beta program

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The version 3.8.2 beta still has connectivity problems for time to time
less than 3.8.1 or 3.7.7 but still happens

Thank you very much for reporting the beta software’s status. Bad to hear that the problem seems to remain… When after the next stable software update the MQTT integration will still be so unreliable one can only suggest to do without MQTT. This would really be sad as the MQTT approach basically is a very good one.

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I could extract some lines of the Mosquitto broker log. They show what happens when two of my Nuki locks suddenly became unavailable:
2024-02-21 11:03:36: Client SL3P_2Cxxxxxx has exceeded timeout, disconnecting. [...] 2024-02-21 11:08:54: Client SL3P_2Fxxxxxx has exceeded timeout, disconnecting.
Later then one of the locks signaled its status again:
2024-02-21 11:24:33: New connection from on port 1883. 2024-02-21 11:24:33: New client connected from as SL3P_2B84AF74 (p2, c1, k300, u'username').
Just to give a small hint what the problem might be. The reason for the sudden timeout as well as the spontaneous reconnection remain unclear, of course.

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Any update on that topic?
I have 4 Pro happens also, ~2-3 hours after reconnecting,
I use EMQX as MQTT Broker and message in logs is bit more detailed with the reason:

msg: dropped_qos2_packet, mfa: emqx_session:drop_qos2_msg/3, line: 393, peername: 192.168.X.X:Y, clientid: Nuki_REDACTED, topic: nuki/REDACTED/lockActionEvent, packet_id: 44921, reason: packet_identifier_inuse


same issue with firmware 4.1.8 on nuki 3, I have these big gaps of hours where the device becomes unreachable by homeassistant

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Again had to reset the mqtt connection, it took 5 consecutive attempts for the device to finally re-connect, is anyone actually looking into it? Its so flacky its beyond useless

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You are posting in a Smart Lock 3.0 thread. There is a seperate topic for 4th gen and yes, there have been many changes in recent betas:

There are still problems with the MQTT connection.
The Wifi connection is stable, I use ubiquiti AP’s

After my weekly update and restart of Homeassistant and MQTT Broker, my locks become unavailable in Homeassistant.
24h later they are still unavailable.

Locks are on version 3.8.7

After I re-entered the MQTT password in the mqtt settings, the entries in homeassistant/lock/… were published again and the locks were available in Homeassistant


And like it is always at Nuki if you have Problems… Nothing real helpful happens.
Since Months I have Problems with my Android Phone to simply open the Nuki if i am at my Door.
About 1 Year ago the Nuki worked fine in that case with older Firmware!
To me it feels like with every new Version there are more Bugs than it would be an Improvement!

Seems that unfortunately I have to join the discussion. I have the same problems mentioned above. SLP3.0 has firmware 3.9.5. It’s in a stable Wifi connection, but MQTT disconnects constantly. Sometimes reconfiguring fixes the problem for a few hours, but it definitelty loses it’s connection to the broker (Home Assistant MQTT Integration) everytime soon or later! Does anyone have any hints how to fix the issue? I bought the SLP 3.0 just for the reason that it has MQTT Integration directly implemented, but at the moment it’s more than useless… :frowning:


P.S.: Energy Saving Mode of the SLP3.0 is medium

You might try the latest beta: Smart Lock 3.10.x Beta - #23 by Juergen

And energy saving fast: Smart Lock WiFi/Thread/MQTT connection troubleshooting / FAQ

Thanks for your fast reply @Juergen
I will give the beta a try an will report back, if the issue still exists.


The Beta FW has fixed the issue.


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With firmware 3.10.1 and at the same time upgraded my Fritzbox 7590 to labor firmware 7.90-113459 Beta, seems that my Nuki work better in term of stability. I’ll test it for several days before before singing victory. Anyway we are in the right way

Hi there,

I had similar WiFi issues. I am using a mesh WiFi. After disabling mesh in my WiFi system for the IP of the Nuki smart lock, it is stable now. The Nuki is firmly linked to and locked into the closest mesh router.

It may help if those who have problems here, inform whether they have 1 single WiFi router or use mesh technology as I do.

Regards, Horst

updated to 3.10.2 was ok for a few hours, ths morning again no connection to MQTT and Home Assistant, then it came back. I think it is on the right way but not yet stable.

As I wrote this it’s gone again…
It is the only MQTT device that makes porblems over 140 Zigbee iwth no issues. My net is Unifi Router, AP & Switches.