Night Mode turn off 720º / turn on 1x rotation

Product name

Nuki Smart Lock


Switch-Button in the Night-Mode to turn off 720º


Switch-Button to activate 1x rotation instead of 720 (more than 1 rotation).


I really would apprechiate if I can turn off 720º on Night Mode because the second turn is very strict on our door and the electro motor struggled very hard.


By switching the slider to “360º only" or “disable 720º”

It would be better to don’t make several feature requests about the same function. This feature is already requested, and its better to vote there, because otherwise the votes are divided among these same requests.

Duplicate to Night Mode turn off button for 360/720 (your own request for exactly the same).
See also 360° only mode please!

→ if you want it as a feature request, ask the mods to move your first topic from Discussion to FR, not create a duplicate

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