Night Mode turn off button for 360/720

Product name

Nuki Smart Lock


Switch-Button in the Night-Mode to turn off 720º to normal 360º.


Switch-Button in the Night-Mode to turn off 720º to normal 360º.


I really would apprechiate if I can turn off 720º on Night Mode because the second turn is very strict on our door and it feels really unhealthy listening to the electro motor.


By switching the slider to “turn off 720º” in the Night-Mode settings.


You have to write this into feature request, and I think there’s is already such request for 360 in night mode, and it would be better to vote there, because when enough votes, the devs takes it in consideration, and its a much asked feature what I see.


In addition please also consider that 360degree mode is no solution to overcome a stiff door as explained here. Use “optimize locking” instead: 360° only mode please! - #6 by Juergen

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This will not help. The first rotation works very smooth, but the second rotation you can hear how hard the smart lock is struggling. I just want to turn off a second rotation on the night mode.

You mean 360 just for night mode, and on daytime it should be 720, - understand I right

No. Night mode is now only 720 available. I want an option for night mode 360.

If there were an option for “only auto lock during time period:” I would be happy too, so I dont have to use night mode with 720 rotation.

Its kinda a very simple request, but I dont know why they dont add a function “360 / 720” in night mode.

Can I ask you some, you wrote the second turn on your door is very strict, and do you want the 360° just because the noise in the night times (what I can fully understand), or have the nuki issues with the second strict turn, like maybe nuki not able to turn the second time at all because too strict!? Thanks!

Nuki struggles very hard, the second turn is maybe on our door different. I dont know. But it doesnt sound healthy at all.

I understand, thanks! Nuki gave me the information, that the nuki lock turns with 2,2N, what is the equivalent of the power of a grown person in one hand, - so when you can turn the lock with one hand without issues, the nuki lock should have no issues with it, the only thing is that the batteries are going down more fast.

There is an issue with the door that we cannot fix. We also need strong hands to do the 2x turn. I really would appreciate if I can turn off 2x on night mode and only enable 360.