Lock 'n' Go with door sensor

ich nutze gerne die Funktion “Lock & Go”. Nun passiert es schon mal, dass ich nochmal zurück in die Wohnung muss. Dann verriegelt das Schloss die offene Tür. Hier wäre es doch sinnvoll, durch den aktivierten Türsensor, dies zu verhindern. Wenn ich Manipulationen befürchte, kann ich den Sensor ja auch ausschalten. Wenn solche Eingriffe des Schließverhalten durch den Türsensor nicht erwünscht sind, wofür soll er dann nützlich sein? Nur zur Anzeige des Türzustandes? Es sollte doch jedem Nutzer die Möglichkeit haben, dieses in seinem Interesse, selbst einstellen zu können.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Leider wird mein deutscher Text, nicht in allen Punkten sinngemäß übersetzt

Hi Volker!

Short summary for the english speaking readers:

For Lock ‘n’ Go you want the door sensor to keep the door unlocked till it is closed to avoid unneccessary lock actions if it takes you longer to leave than expected. - Correct?

At the moment out Lock ‘n’ Go standard behaviour ist to wait
20 seconds
the door has been closed, after it had been open
(whatever happens first)

You could already increase that time to 60 secondes, if 20 fail for you too often.

The alternative of only locking when the door has really been closed would be possible, yes. Only problem is, that if the door sensor fails for some reason, it would not lock at all, which would be an even worse user experience for Lock ‘n’ Go. Combined with Autolock this should still work, but I would prefer an even longer time-option in the current Lock ‘n’ Go implementation over relying only on the door sensor.

Note: I split this up into a new topic as the one you commented to was about Autolock and not Lock ‘n’ Go.

Hi Stephan,

I understand the Lock ‘n’ Go feature and if the door sensor isn’t working than the door should be locked after a short time.
But this also is on the autolock feature and can’t be disabled
If I use Autolock with a locktime of 10 Minutes the door is locked if it’s closed.
I suggested that the door is locked after the locktime.
I configured my nuki pressing once “Lock’n go” and pessing two times “autolock.”
So if I go out to take my garbage to the trashcan I don’t want the door is locked immediatly.
But if I forget to lock after comming back, it, it should be locked after the locktime.

Yes, that’s what has been discussed in the original topic (Autolock mit Türsensor) where I split the question above out. We suggested a feature request for an admin setting for more options there, where deactiving the door sensor for Auto Lock could also fit in.

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And what about the new Nuki Door Sensor (Lock 3.0). With “manipulation detection and very high reliability” :thinking:

Hallo Stephan,
I am a new owner of a nuki with door sensor and just wrote to support as I considered this behavior as an error.

But I can follow you argument and and it would be also fine to just have a longer intervall. 60 secs are sometimes just too short between unlock with the button and close the door. eg. have to carry a few things to my car. Or wait until all kids are finaly leaving the home

So do you think we can open a feature request? Seams to be quite an easy change.