Autolock mit Türsensor


ich hätte mal eine Frage zur Autolockfunktion mit Türsensor.

Wird die Tür nur veraperrt wenn die Tür geschlossen iat oder auch wenn sie geöffnet ist?


The door is locked when a) the auto lock time expires or b) the doorsensor changes its state from opened to closed. Whatever comes first wins.

I just enabled the Autolock.

In my opinion it doesn’t make sense, that the door is autolocked if the door isn’t closed.

Just happened. The door was open for 5 minutes and autolock locked the door that wasn’t closed.

True, but the door sensor can fail and the door still needs to be locked in this case at some point in time. Just configure a long timeout and you should be good to go.

How likely is it for the door sensor to fail?
I just think that it would be great that the door is only locked when the door is closed.

Sometimes my door stands open for longer than 30 minutes and I don’t want the door locked in those cases.

I thought that would be possible with the door sensor. :wink:

When it is built in I think you sure rely on it and don’t expect it to fail. :slight_smile:

So far the sensor works relyable in my case.

Maybe you could implement a option that the door is not locked after a certain time and only through the sensor.

That’s exactly the point: You want to rely on it. If you have Autolock enabled the door should always be locked, even if e.g. someone on purpose irritates the door sensor. Thats why there is a timeout needed and build into it.

But you can create a feature request for such a setting and collect votes :wink:

I see whats’s your point. :wink:

I just had another strange behaviour.
At 8:08 someone left the house and it was autolocked through the sensor.

At 8:58 this person came back and openend the door with a normal key from the outside.

This manual opening however was not registered by the lock or doesn’t show up in the protocol.

After that the autolock would happen no more.

I just checked if the key turns on the inside if it is turned on the outside and it does.

I closed the door manually with the key and it was registered. I opened it manually with the key and it was registered.

Any idea why this could happen and how to prevent it?


I just experienced another issue. A person opened the door with a normal key from the outside.

When pulling the key out of the log, the door was pushed against the log position.

The sensor thought the door was completely shut but it wasn’t. The person opened the door after pulling the key out of the log and autounlock locked the door because it saw that the door was closed in the meantime.

I just recalibrated the sensor to see if that happens again.

Any idea on that?

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Hi, I have smart lock 4 pro and door sensor which not working reliably, sometimes when door is closed sensor report it as opened. And problem is that I turn on Auto Lock function but it don’t lock the door. Door is still open.
When I remove door sensor auto lock is working.
Can you tell me how to fix this problem ?

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