Lock after Auto Unlock only if it was locked before

Product name

Smart Lock / App


If “Lock after Auto Unlock” is enabled, enable a sub-option called: “Except when door was unlocked”


Currently, “Lock after Auto Unlock” will always lock the door disregarding if the door was locked or unlocked before Auto Unlock occurred. This Feature Request is to add a sub-option to only lock the door if the door was locked already before Auto Unlock occurred.


In a multi-tenant house/flat with a above average of people moving through the door excessive locking/unlocking is noisy and will cause the battery to drain quicker (environmental unfriendly).


I would use this feature in conjunction with Night Mode being enabled. In the case of not living alone multiple people might come and leave at different times. Assuming that over the day there is always someone at home locking might not be always necessary.
Use cases:

  • Father leaves for work in the morning, without locking door because wife is at home anyway
  • Children come home from school and Auto Unlock triggers and locks afterwards
  • Package gets delivered but Mother has to wait for the door to unlock -> waste of battery, time and noisy

Possible issues:

  • This option can be rendered useless when the option to lock the door after x minutes is enabled

Is the not already in the current beta version?
Take a look at Smart Lock 2.0 Door Sensor in 2.7.x Beta


I’m sorry I don’t see it. Can you quote it here?

Oh, I have mixed it up with Auto-Lock after Auto-Unlock only if door is closed (if door sensor is available)