Intercom is not being powered - Bticino/TEGUI Classe V16B

Hey there I have the following configuration with my Bticino/TEGUI Classe V16B, but in the step of the configuration “Actuate Door” I cannot do so, Intercom is not working at all. Intercom is only working if the original cables that was in the BUS -/+ are on the Intercom BUS ports, when the BUS+ is on the clamp, intercom is not working.

Generic (Bticino)
Configuration Options: “Yes” → “No”

I have tried also the following config
BUS+: original BUS+ cables, orange, red, green
BUS-: original BUS-, black

This described config does make the intercom work and recognise the “Actuate Door” and “Ring” but it’s unable to open the door for me

I should also note that the intercom is controlling 2 doors, and by using the eye I can switch between the cameras and door control, I want to be able and use the “Ring to Open” function

This helped me make the one of the 2 doors work @Juergen

I guess if opener would be able to capture a second signal for the second door. “Ring to Open” would be able to open and the second door for me.
Let me know if I could help in any way, I have Software Engineering background. I could provide you with some details. Also, I never managed to enter debug mode via iOS app

Hello @geoza

please check Opener - Bticino 344652 - Classe 100 V16b - Working

I’m not sure we’re talking about the same device, but it seems so…