How is "Release of latch when door opening" for SL 2.0 working?

How is the new feature “Added release of latch when door sensor detects door opening” in 2.7.30 for the Smart Lock 2.0 working?

I was really happy, because I initially thought this would solve one of my main problems: The look state being de-sync with the actual lock state. We (mainly my girlfriend) still use the key from time to time when entering the appartment. Everytime we do, the lock state is out of sync (because the Smart Lock key on the other side isn’t turned by the outer key). So when we enter like this, Nuki SL still thinks the door is locked, which will eventually turn into other problems. So I always have to turn it to all the way closed, such that it is in-sync again before further use.

Now with the title of the new feature (“Added release of latch when door sensor detects door opening”) I thought the lock would by itself turn into unlocked state once detecting, that the door is opening (door sensor is installed). Actually the lock would not even have to turn, but just figure that the current state of the lock has been set to unlocked. I thought this huge problem would have finally been solved. Unfortunately, after some tests I’ve seen that nothing happens when opening the door with a outside key and the SL in locked state.

So did I get this feature wrong? What does it do?
Of course I re-tried it after re-calibrating the door sensor.


It’s described here under “Dynamic Unlatch Duration”: