HomeKit - Homebridge plugin for Nuki Opener

Hi there!

Just finished the first version of the homebridge plugin for the Nuki Opener. The plugin supports the Nuki Opener as well as the Nuki SmartLock. Feel free to check it out at:

The plugin communicates with the Bridge API. Currently, it only supports unlocking and setting RTO/continuous mode. Will integrate features like door sensor (Nuki SmartLock) and bell (Nuki Opener) as soon as those are integrated into the Bridge API (vote for bell integration and door sensor)


Hi, just a kind note from the homebridge-nukiio plugin developer. You should never expose lock actions as a switch. This is a security issue since you can call siri to open doors without security check :wink:

Hi Markus!

Thank you for your feedback. Used your plugin in the times Nuki didn’t have native HomeKit support!

The devices are actually implemented as LockMechanism, which means that Siri on iPhone/HomePod requires an unlocked iPhone. I agree that the switches for RTO and continuous mode could be seen as a security risk, however, they are not enabled by default in the configuration and are not directly performing lock tasks. Both switches could also easily be implemented as LockMechanism…I should make this configurable.

LockDevice would be more secure, maybe there is some other kind of accessory that can handle this with security enabled. Just noticed that you are calling /lockAction within the buttons actions while going through your code and wanted to notice you about the risk.

Ah, now I get what the lock actions are meant for and why you stated that they do not directly open the door. They just change the mode :slight_smile: But still a security risk :wink:

Why do you have competing plugins? would it be awesome to just have one together?


They both do quite the same but different :wink: The difference are explained here https://forum.smartapfel.de/forum/thread/46-homebridge-nukiio/?pageNo=66

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Would it posible to get a short version in english?

I only have the opener and the bridge what plug-in should I use

I translated the text using deep.com:

lucas.roegner background:

In the days of Nuki SmartLock 1.0 (which was not yet HomeKit compatible) I used the plugin from Benzman81.
Then I switched to Danalock because they had native HomeKit support. But I was never really satisfied with the Auto-Unlock.
So after the release of the Nuki SmartLock 2 I switched back to Nuki but integrated it via native HomeKit.

Then came the nello era and I started writing plugins for homebridge myself. The nello itself was very cool, but I was always bothered by the fact that notifications had to be routed in a complicated way via a webhook relay server.

When Nuki leaked the first information about the opener, my fingers itched and I wrote a plugin for the bridge API to control the opener for the launch (for now locally on my PC). As you might know nello went bankrupt and the server communication has become unreliable or even impossible. So I decided to switch to Nuki on the “productive system” and check the plugin into GitHub. Since it’s not complicated, I added the SmartLock support. Personally I still use native HomeKit for the SmartLock, Homebridge only for the opener.

I don’t think there is much difference in functionality between the plugins. The only difference in the architecture of the plugin is that in the plugin of Benzman81 the callbacks of actions are only called after successful completion, my plugin uses the Fire-and-Forget approach. You will notice this, for example, when you press the lock tile in the Apple Home app to close/open. With Benzman81 you can see a loading spinner during the (open)-close action, with my plugin the status of the tile is changed directly. This is true, isn’t it Benzman81?



Historically, my plugin was practically the first one for the Nuki. When the opener came, lukas.roegner created a plugin with opener and and closed and I added the opener. So both want the same thing and differ in the details. Besides the difference mentioned by lukas.roegner, that I wait for the answer of an action before I give feedback to Home, there is another difference in error handling. I am a bit more restrictive and repeat actions only for certain errors and not for all kinds of errors. I also don’t implement features that I think Nuki should implement by itself or that are security leaks. If you have two locks, you can also assign a priority and decide which lock should be unlocked first. All in all, both plugins have their right to exist and their own advantages and disadvantages, I think.

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You need to decide by your favor.

Thanks you :slight_smile:

@lukasroegner I would look forward to using your plugin again just with nuki, I also had the nello.io. And after just found out that nuki had this I went straight ahead and brought it.

I had hope that doorbird would have released their video ip upgrade version. and sadly they won’t commit to a video intercom working with their audio even though they support the brand audios models.

But i hope nuki will get the audio working on the opener that would be so awesome

@lukasroegner I remember you had to setup a dummy camera in nello.io to unlock from notification. As I don’t see that configuration in your nuki plugin have you found a new way around this? or just dropped the feature?
I will receive my hardware tomorrow and hopefully get it up and running over the weekend.

@carlsendk Both plugins currently have no support for bell ring as it is currently not supported by the bridge. Vote here: Nuki Bridge API: Bell Ring of Nuki Opener as Trigger for Callbacks

I have casted my vote. I understand you want to avoid the same solution as it was not pretty :slight_smile:

Hi Lukas,

I have Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 and Nuki Opener exposed to Homekit with your plugin. Everything works fine, except battery level indiciation in Nuki mobile app, if Smart lock is exposed. If Smart lock is excluded from Homebridge plugin (in Homebridge status of battery is reliable) then Nuki app again shows battery status.
Firmware is 2.9.10 (newest one at this moment).

Thx in advance, BR, Sasa

Hi Lukas,
with this plugin it is also possible to integrate the motorized lock cisa domo connexa by nuki (smart door) into the homekit.