Nuki Bridge API: Bell Ring of Nuki Opener as Trigger for Callbacks

Product name

Nuki Bridge API


The callback URIs should be called when the bell rings (detected by Nuki Opener).


  • If a Nuki Opener registers that the bell rings, the registered callback URIs should be called by the Nuki Bridge.
  • The JSON body of the callback should contain a value indicating that the bell rang.


This feature is part of the unique selling point of Nuki compared to Nello: events (like bell ring) can be handled on the local network rather than having to communicate with a server in the Cloud.

I’ve already implemented the homebridge plugin for Nello. Like the Nuki Web API, the Nello (Web) API supports web hooks. However, if your homebridge instance (local network) should receive notifications, you have to implement some sort of relay server (in this case web hook to web socket) that redirects the callback requests to your homebridge instance in our local network.

Now, I’m going to implement the homebridge plugin for the Nuki Opener and don’t want to rely on the relay server part anymore, especially as the Nuki Bridge already handles the events of the Nuki Opener (different from Nello, where the device itself is connected to the WiFi).


  • Homebridge plugin for the Nuki Opener
  • Any kind of server/service in the local network that communicates with the Nuki Bridge API
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@Stephan there are already 22 votes, which is amazing! Are there any plans to implement this one? Many people are waiting for this before they buy the opener. There were many interested in the home assistant board, because they want to replace their nello one.


Many people in the Homey smart home system are waiting for the implementation of the ringing signal. Many projects can not be implemented without the signal.
Nello could do it better.


Homey is using the Web API integration for Nuki. This feature request is for the Bridge API. Do you want to see it for both or thought of the older Homey-integration using the Bridge API?

both would be nice
Thank you

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I prefer BridgeAPI as it works locally and does not depend on Internet connection. So it will work always even when the internet goes down.


Web API integration and Bridge API Bell Ring for Nuki Opener would be great. Really miss this feature I had previously with Nello one and Homebridge Plugin. So I hope Nuki does not make any compromises here.
Thanks in advance for your work @Team Nuki @Stephan


As the Opener has two main functions for interation in a smart home system:

  • Opening the door
  • Detecting a the door bell
    I would also love to get that feature implemented. :slight_smile:

To be honest, as I’ve seen that the NUKI system has a Http API, I couldn’t even think about the possibility that this isn’t implemented yet.
Don’t know if I would have bought the product otherwise.

So this feature request has my upvote for sure, as I really love the NUKI system beside some Http API shortcoming :+1:
Ring to open is such a great feature.


same here. i had Nello before and this was perfect integrated in my smarthome.
thought, that the opener is implemented as good as the Nuki Smart Lock.

i am disappointed that it is not done yet.

Please implement the 2 key features of the opener (opening the door and detecting a door bell) in the HTTP API.

Best regards


I miss this function too. I would be very happy if Nuki would install it soon.

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Hey Stephan,

Did you see that this is now the second highest voted feature request!
People are missing this function!
Please consider it in one of your future releases!


@Stephan move move move it to planned :wink:


I think, this request might actually more sense (because it handles the underlying problem of the callbacks missing any kind of event states)

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Stephan, please, could you explain what problems do you see in implementation of this most voted feature request? There is already a callback system in Opener+Bridge. Is it really difficult to add this new event? Or are there any other reasons why you do not want to support this?


That would indeed be very interesting. It is a simple feature and would improve the opener a lot.


It’s only due to restricted available ressources. We see the need, but had to make some decisions on priority. I still can’t give you any timeframe for that though as we do not publish oour roadmap.

Thanks for the reply.
But it feels to me Team Nuki should overthink their policies.
Why having a voting system for their customers when not taking action?
And if customers get unhappy because of not seeing progress, that’s probably also not the intention of the Nuki policy.
Opener feels a bit like a stepchild for Nuki. :confused:


Currently our main focus for the Opener is to increase the compatibility with intercoms. And with more users it will even get more important.


I can understand your position. But I think it is also not okay to ignore existing customers who are invested into the opener at a very early time.


Do I understand correctly that the only way to detect the bell ring currently is to continuously poll the log?