Help with Urmet 1133/14

Hi - I am trying to connect Nuki Opener to my Urmet 1133/14 currently wired as in picture as 1+N system. In current central configuration, you may only listen and open the door if you receive an incoming ring. Any ideas?

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I have the same problem. Were you able to connect to nuki opener to your interphone ?
Thank you in advance

Yes, I configured it as Elcom HAT-402
All works fine. Except ring suppression.
If you run to issues about other features let me know.


Thank you for your feedback. The issue with Elcom HAT 402 is that nuki request me to put : black green and blue on 5 then red orange and purple on 6. But for my case i have 1 CA 2 6 10 and 9 as shown in the attached photo. Same as was your case before no ?

Hi. - yes I had the exact same config.
I am far from my intercom now so I cannot take a photo, but try this:

Keep your white wires as they are.
2 : black, yellow, green, blue
1 : red, orange, purple

It should work.
If not let me know so I go take a photo of my config

Hi evan,
I tried this config but looks not working for me. Seems that the yellow should be connected to interco cable no ? This what nuki recommend i think. Could you please take a photo of your cable config ? It will help me.
Thank you for all your efforts

Ok will do in a few hours.
In the meantime try again leaving yellow cable disconnected.
In this config your nuki will not ring and ring suppression will not work. All other features will work. It is a good compromise.
Will come back with a photo later.

Hi Evan,
I made some modification and now it seems to work. But i have 2 issues :
The first is that when someone ring from outside nothing ring in my house. the nuki neither my interphone
The second is that when i try to hear from the interphone i don’t here nothing outside.

Do you have those two problems ?

Hi - I will send you a photo of my config in a couple of hours.
No I do not have these issues.
In my config like I said I had to forget nuki ring.
Please make sure the following guidelines are followed:
a) do not disconnect any of your previous cables
b) the nuki app must be configured in a way compatible with the wiring

Since you have the same intercom as me it should be easy.
I am sure I have Elcom Hat 402 configured in nuki app. When I send the photo make the wiring the same and it should work.

Hi again - here is photo of my config. A bit of a mess, but it works.
I had to purchase multiclamps to have all these wires connected.

my final working wiring:

my original wiring:

Nuki device firmware : 1.6.4
Nuki app configured as Elcom HAT 402
Line 1 of intercom has: cables as before nuki + nuki blue + nuki yellow + nuki black + nuki green
Line 2 of intercom has: cables as before nuki + nuki red + nuki orange + nuki purple
Nuki app → sounds → all disabled

Let me know if it works better.


Perfect Evan, i followed the same configuration than you and everything sound good. Everything is working now except as you said the ring when someone ring from outside.
Thank you again for your efforts and time. It solved my issue and now i’m very happy :smile:

Dear @Evan_Stergiou !

I am running into the same problem here just that my configurations seems to be set up differently. Do you have any idea how I can get my Opener to work with my Urmen 1133/14.

Would appreciate help so much. Thank you.

btw, I dont have an Elcom HAT 402, and I don’t need to ring the bell downstairs in order to open the door.

please update Nuki app, then choose as if you had a Elcom HAT 402, then follow wiring as per my wiring. I think you will be able to make it work and have sounds enabled too.
let me know

Hi Evan. Sorry I am not a technician. What does it mean Elcom HAT 402? I think my app is up to date I cant update it. Should I leave my wiring as is? Because I see you had different wiring. Thhe black cabel, do I cut it? Sorry for many questions and tanks for help

This will not work, you have a bus system, his is a analogue!

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I answered also the nice person helping you, it will not work, because he has a bus system, and yours is analogue.

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Opener wires, - blue to 9, purple to 6 or 10 (you can choose, because they are the grounds, and the pink shorts 6 and 10, so its the same), then take the 2-pole-nuki-clamp and take the yellow opener wire in one port, now unscrew the yellow cable from CA of your intercom and put it in the other port of the clamp, now put the green opener wire in the CA block of the intercom, wiring is finished (the other opener wires have no functionality now with analogue intercoms)! Now reset the opener, and set it up with generic analogue (or urmet analogue, should also work)! All should work now, opening and ring detection! Let us know here, how it goes!

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Hey Rose. I will try it right away once I get back to the flat and will let you know. Thanks so much, excited.

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Hello! I wired several of exactly this intercom, so it should work on the first try, - and even when not, I am very sure here, we get this to work fully! Until then!