URMET DIS 1133 D001 not working

Hello @all

I have an intercom model Urmet DIS 1130 D001, and I tried to make it work with the Nuki Opener I bought last week.

Here is the original photo of the existing wiring.

I tried the configuration indicated in the Nuki app, with model 1130 as shown in the photo below, but without success.

I also tried what is mentioned in this topic, but without success as well: Got URMET 1150/351 - 1150/35 - 1133/013 to work! by @kazz

Do you have any idea to how to resolve it ?

Thank you

hello, any update ? @Rose_Languste @Juergen thank you

I have not done this anymore for a longer period now, so I don’t really remember, how to do it, - but is not Urmet taken out of the nuki system anyways, - can you choose Urmet when trying to setup, or what have you chosen?! And is your intercom system analogue or digital?