FRITZbox 7590 ax issue with Wi-Fi smart lock 3.0 pro

I can confirm that the reconnect problem still exist with firmware 7.57 for the FritzBox 7590AX.

Firmware 3.7.7 for the Smart Lock 3.0 has just been released. It contains the fix that has already been in beta and solves the problem temporarily. There is no need do change any settings on the Smart Lock. Just update the firmware.

We continue to work with AVM on eliminating the root cause of the problem at their end.

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It did not work for me. Have now returned it.

Hello Jürgen,

unfortunaly the new Smart Lock Firmware 3.7.7 again has the reconnect problem with my FritzBox 7560. The Beta Firmware 3.7.4 in combination with energy saving option medium has worked fine with my FritzBox. So I was happy to hear, that the problem is solved and installed the new Smart Lock Firmware.

My FritzBox has become an Update on 2023-09-06 (Fritz OS 7.30). Before and after this update the Smart Lock Beta Firmware 3.7.4 has worked. Then I installed Firmware 3.7.7 and have the old problem again. I even set the energy saving option to automatic, because you wrote that there is no need to change any settings on the Smart Lock.

On the short term for me the best would be, if I could roll back the Smart Lock Firmware to 3.7.4. Is it possible?

And for the long term: Are there other users who have experienced the same? Will there be a general solution for the Fritz Box 7560?

Do you have other ideas, what I can try?


It’s not possible downgrade smart lock firmware

Well, this explains my problems with the Nuki 3.0 Pro Remote connection.

I’m using a 7590AX (channel 11) running 7.57 with a lan bridged 3000 AX (channel 1) still on 7.41 .

When the lock is connected to the 7590 remote access doesn’t work, when it decides to switch to the repeater it does.

Is there an ETA for a fix.
This thread was created in April with no fix avaible 6 months later.
Only reason I bought the pro was to prevent having to use a bridge, which I now still have to order.

This is embarrassing. Going to give it back.

The Fritz!Box? :wink:

No need to do that. AVM is working on an updated firmware. Inbetween just install firmware 3.7.7 for the Smart Lock as mentioned here:

I think it has nothing to do with router types, neither router firmwares.

I’am facing very similar issues on 3.0 Pro. I am also running multiple smart devices and Nuki is most unstable remotely.

Whole this thread sounds like blind guessing, without any traces, logs - no relevant data.

I am open for cooperation in solving this issue. I can provide traces, logs, remote access - as I have it only as demo set on my table. Seriously, there must be 99.9% success rate.

I am giving it last chance personally (and last week).

This topic here is about the confirmed problem with Fritz!Box7590AX running Fritz!OS 7.5X. Please do no use it to discuss other problems or routers.

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There are some news from AVM:
Customers that own a Fritz!Box 7590AX can now contact AVMs customer service and will get access to a LabPlus firmware which has a fix for the connection & stability problems with a Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro.

We could not reproduce the problems that we saw with Nuki firmwares 3.6.x with this LabPlus firmware anymore. Users with firmwares >3.7.7 should not notice any changes as this firmwares automatically apply a fix for the problems. If you still experience problems we highly recommend to install the LabPlus firmware and report back if your problems have been solved.

According to AVM also the Fritz!Box 6660 Cable and 5530 Fiber are affected will receive a LabPlus firmware soon.

Like I wrote in an earlier post, I had simillar problems with my FritzBox 7560. With the support of Jürgen I had done the following steps, which helped! Now the WLAN Connection between the SmartLock and the FritzBox Router is stable.

  1. FritzBox: WLAN Channels: Chose a fixed channel (instead of Automatic)
  2. SmartLock: Battery Savings = Medium
  3. Reboot FritzBox and SmartLock

The fix is now included in the latest Labor firmwares for 7590AX and 5530:


FYI There is a new 7.90 labor available for 7590/7590ax since 29.04. also mentioning the fix of connection problems for Nuki Smart locks.

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Just installed. I will check if wifi connection problem with my 7590 and NSL4P are solved

What are your findings?